Ruumz's Most Wanted Ruumate:The Finale

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, August 20, 2009

A fortnight ago i attended Ruumz Malaysia's Most Wanted Ruumate Grand Finale party@The Loft Upstairs.I had the privilege of covering the event with a few other bloggers all thanks to Ruumz and Frauline from DDBPR...whats most exciting was,being an active member of Ruumz since may,it not only allowed me to get the to know the finalist but also make more friends and not to mention the ruumz staff's were very fun to be with..especially at our makan outings at Frontera Grill&Bar and Hokkien Mee outing!!!you know who you are..=)

10 Captivating Guys & 10 Alluring beauties..whose crowned champ??

Group shot Credits to Faces MAG with Ruumz Director James

I had the company of ewin to cover the event

Finalist & Fellow Bloggers Amanda Choe & Missycheerio with Nikki Cheong

Jonathan!!! under age kid @only 15..but well mature for his age..right john??

One of my favourite finalist Pearlyn


Emcee of the nite..Joey G

Next up all the finalist were asked to perform a certain task they were good yea..lets see what they had to offer

First up was blogger buddy Kingston Liu.

Nerdy and muscular ehh??He presented a speech with Scottish accent

2ND was Raeasa..know as hot kitty

She basically meowed and acted like a cat...XD

3RD was Rachel Beh..whose been all over my e-mail box for a few months.LOL

I've got to admit she was pretty talented..she drew the pic above with her right and left hand black marker represents her left hand and blue marker her right hand

4TH Finalist Ellie Chen

Knows to most as Missycheerio she certainly sang her heart out..sounded real good too

5TH on stage was Kiwi See

I bet you've seen her at many roadshows as well..she sang real well too

JC was awesome..showing us his popping moves..youngest finalist at only 19 years of age

Amanda Choe,Blogger,Part time model downed this whole glass of beer in 8 guys did that catch ur attention??

Derek Yap rapping on stage!!!according to him..the lyrics was written few hours before the finals

One of my guest bloggers of the night..Griza aka Pinkporkchop

Group shot of the finalist as they pose with the sponsor good Acer Netbooks

Amanda and Kingston grabbed the First Runner Up Spot

Amanda's 2nd award of the night..Most Desired Ruumate..that really shows something..with Nikki Cheong and Tv Host Sarah Lian*wink*

Most Wanted Ruumate For The Guys went to Derek can see from the pic how surprised he was..LOL

Rachel gets a warm hug form James as she's crowned Most Wanted Ruumate For the Girls..that shows despite being the oldest competitor in the competition..if you work your sock out for it..nothing impossible and age has no limits.

Bryan,Ewin & Me and Howard was also there too with Jenny..thanks a bunch for coming..really appreciate it

Last but not least a picture with one ruumster top chatter Chrissy!!!

All in all the final was a blast.Ruumz may not be as popular as the likes of Facebook or Friendster..but hey..its made in Malaysia and its our very own first social network do visit them and sign here.

Fellow Finalist and Friends here at Ruumz you guys worked hard for the competitions and voted for your favourite finalist..i'm sure some of you might be disappointed on not winning it..but win or loose everyone are champs...give a pat on your shoulder..awesomeness..

Lastly James Chong!!!i left early after the event but i was told that you paid for our midnight makan..thanks a bunch..i owe you one!!

The Most Wanted ruumate is a title bestowed to individuals who are at the height of sociability, charisma and charm. We are proud to present the winners as voted by you.

A big thank you goes out as well to our judges, partners, sponsors and all of you who have shown unwavering support for the finalists throughout the campaign.

here a link of the finalist at a presentation party at Sanctuary@The Curve a month before

Click Here

me signing off!!


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