Nuffnang Premier Screening Of Orphan

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last Nite,A number of nuffnangers met at Midvalley for the Screening of Orphan courtesy of Nuffnang & Warner Bros Pictures....I tell you Esther sure did scare a big bunch of us!!!*read more if you don't know her!!

At screenings..we usually camwhore!!!

Group shot..courtesy of Ewin

Flash was too bright..grrr

with Adele

Sammy,Coco & Mandy

Kim,Hitomi & Adele&Wen *romantic kan*

i'll let you guess who are they??whose got it longer??

we then headed to the carpark for a short promo for PLAYBOY

Introducing our models Samantha & Wennie

*Take 1*testing

*Take 2*baru jadi

Next was Yumcha at a mamak shop near UCSI with YatzJackie,Joshua Law,Nicol,Wen and a few others..on the way there..someone was still suffering the after effects of the movie.

hahaha...*speechless*i'm so dead when she sees this!!!

Review On The Movie

The movie was pretty scary as Esther first appears as a young ,polite innocent girl,but what lies behind that is a ugly truth of a 33 year old mental patient whose suffering from a medical condition that makes her look like a small 9 year old girl..

Verdict: 9/10

here a lil info on what the movies about:

The movie stars Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard as Kate and John, a couple devastated by the tragic loss of their unborn child. Struggling to regain some semblance of normalcy in their lives, they decide to adopt another child. At the local orphanage, both John and Kate find themselves strangely drawn to a young girl named Esther. Almost as soon as they welcome Esther into their home, however, an alarming series of events begins to unfold, leading Kate to believe that there’s something wrong with Esther — this seemingly angelic little girl is not what she appears to be. Concerned for the safety of her family, Kate tries to get John and others to see past Esther’s sweet facade. But her warnings go unheeded until it may be too late… for everyone.

thanks a bunch for the invite Nuffnang!!!Asia First Blog Advertising Community & Warner Bros Pictures for The Blog Kit..


c0co said...

WA MY HAIR SO MESSY!!and look pale XDlol~*

Seraph said...

i realize

you're a womanizer suresh!! =D

great photos btw =)

Jackie Loi said...

coz suresh is BUAYA! =P

seon said...

whoa... i think next time need to wen there earlier to meet up..

JenKin Yat said...

wtf wenpink's hair so damn fucking long..

Jen said...

9/10 for the movie??? sure or not wei..

+ Suresh + said...

Coco:messy meh??looks ok what..haha

Seraph:Sam..mana ada womanizer.why say so??and thanks bro!!

Jackie:adoi..this guy ah..just like the previous post comment..not buaya!!!!

Seon:haha..yea man come early..because we normally go makan together before the come..=)

Jenkin Yatz:LOL..yea super long kan..when urs gonna reach that long??

Jen:yeap..i'll give it that rating in terms of story line and action..btw this is serpentinegal??

Ewin Ee said...

wah nice pics! haha

not bad leh the movie haha. good horror movie

Wen Pink said...

LOL you're dead!! *shoots* hahah joking!! no worries :) i posted tat pic on my own blog too! HEHE! thanks for the pics and the rides and helping me to get the invite :) thank u so much!

stephy-nie said...

eh, i was there too that night :D

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