Nuffnang Premier Screening Of Murderer

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Tuesday i attended the Premier Screening of Murderer all thanks to Nuffnang..Thanks again Jonathan for passes.Well murderer is basically a Cantonese movie from Hong Kong lead by Famous Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok..well i didn't write in this time for the screening as it was a Cantonese movie..but thanks to John i decided to try my luck by watching it..oh boy the story line was good and i certainly enjoyed before i do a lil review on the movie..let's see what all the bloggers were up too

reached there around 7 plus and had dinner with John at a laksa shop nearby..we then collected our passes and waited for the others to arrive..meanwhile my camera was in the hands of pinky pink(Wen Pink)

Do it the Malaysian way by Samuel..belilah barangan Buatan Malaysia!!

then Kristine suggested we go bowling since there was like 45 minutes left before the movie yea..

JoshuaLaw in action..surname is there to confirm which Joshua it is..

Joshua & Wen Pink

Group shot..notice John & Kristine facial expression??

Sam & Me

Joshua Law

with Jac the besh!!!

man of the moment..Max...photographed by Jackie from Ah Loi Corp

Sam & Pinky

Even he got surprised looking at how big it looks like a globe

A picture with Wen..finally she's not in pink..but then again..notice the bag?

after the bowling session we headed into the theatre to watched the movie..i must have been like the biggest dungu there..since i didn't understand Cantonese at all..but somehow i manage to understand abit since i used to follow Chinese drama's when i was small..

after the movie Me,Wen and Sam headed to Murni's in SS2 for yumcha..very small gang ryte?but that didn't keep us from entertaining ourselves..

Sam was surprised when Wen showed this

i was feeling real uneasy after discovering what it was..

Natural talent!!!Wen Pink!!!


and if you guys are curious to know why we had these 3 bottles with us there..well stay tune we'll announce soon when our video is out..keep a lookout for it..

Review on the movie "Murderer"

The story was pretty much the same as the Orpan screening last week in the sense that people suffer a certain medical condition which makes them look real young despite being very old..this movie certainly generated alot of laughter as there was quite a number of funny parts and they were also parts where we had blood spilling out,rats wandering around and even dead bodies..

This is the opening scene of Murderer: a bloodied man fall 7 stories onto the floor, gets up only to fall back down because leg snaps in half. Two minutes in and you already know this is going to be a dark movie.

And a dark movie it is. Aaron Kwok's Ling is sickly intense in his role as a near psychotic amnesiac cop who's obsessed with tracking down a mysterious killer. Problem is everyone else thinks the killer is him, and why shouldn't they? The victims are all found near his home and each time they pop up it's the day after Ling has had a day off. Besides, have you seen how psychotic he looks?

Murderer is a typical murder mystery in which all clues lead back to the main character–and if you've seen your fair share of movies you know what that usually means. Don't take this as a spoiler, but as a warning because when the twist comes, it's laughably stupid. In fact, most of us at the screening did laugh. Still, until the twist kicks in Murderer is an intriguing ride.

Aaron Kwok continues to stretch his acting muscles here. It's commendable for a pretty-faced pop idol like him to take on such serious and emotional-demanding roles these past few years.

With the aforementioned grisly murder/death scenes, Murderer isn't a film for everyone. But for those looking for a standard murder mystery, it gets the job done even though the twist can be seen coming a mile away.


thanks again to Nuffnang for organizing this screening as well..and thanks a bunch John!!!


Seraph said...

My Awesome Malaysian Rubber and Testicals!!! xD hahaaaa

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I pawned at bowling! Bwahahahaha!

Joshu@law said...

Nice post, Suresh!
Btw, I want those pictures! =) said...

wow.. that's t-shirt is from melaka, izzit? haha...

Seraph said...

yeah my t shirt is from melaka =D

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