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Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hey peeps..

i'm's been awhile since i last blogged..neway here's an updated on the recently concluded Most Wanted Ruumate Presentation party by Ruumz @ Sanctuary-The Curve.Before i actually start with the piccies and all..lets just do a lil introduction on Ruumz...they are infact another social network community and if i'm not mistaken the first one built and developed in Malaysia..They are not here to challenges the likes of the Big guns such as Facebook Or Friendster but actually to further build the social networking system in Malaysia.

As an active member of Ruumz for a couple of months..i attended Most Wanted Ruumate Presentation Party..There were a few famous faces from the world of blogosphere that actually were the finalist..for instance.Ellie Chien was one of them...known to most as Missycheerio and there was Amanda Choe as well and a friend of mine Rachel was also part of the finalist..

First up James Chong did a lil introduction on Ruumz..he reminded me of those bikers who rode on Harley Davidson bikes..

Then it was the time for the finalist to do a catwalk

Coco doing her thing

Pearlyn strutting her stuff

The finalist posing for the Paparazzi's

The next thing that is sure to get your attention..Each finalist guy& girl were pared up together and they had the task of dancing together to impress the crowd and judges..where the pair that wins will get additional bonus 500 points.

Amanda going airborne..what a poser..she got time to pose too..XD

she walks away he dance away

oh yea...pump it up

coco moving it on the dance floor

David & Pearlyn showing their moves

*cough* 18SX

Kingston must have been saying.."i know i wancha..i know you wan meee"

well things got a lil interesting here..everyone was suppose to be facing the crowd..
Melissa here couldn't get enough of Dicky

haha..finally i gotta chance to meet jingle bell..aka miss flexible/ msn spammer..LOL.

Minton & Me

Chilled out with Minton,Jing and Jack

Jing got a lil high with the help of Babe & Rach

They were trying to put a spell on me i presume..XD

Oh yea they got a lil hungry..minton biting Malaysia version Tom Cruise..


Tian Chad came along and joined us

Group pic with Jen(in black)whose been a real help for us regarding ruumz matters and been so fun to talk with..XD

tho i have to admit everyone kinda looks weird in the pic

JEN!!!..i want that tee ur wearing...=)

Minton got a lil high after that so..*cough* u know what he did next

Jack totally lost his bearings..he totally drank this whole bottle on his about a dare devil..LOL

Jack ill challenge you next time man!!just wait!!!

Well it was a tiring day for me..driving 300km all the way up from JB to Kl..and attending the party as soon as i reached..nevertheless never regretted coming..finally met alot of awesome ppl there..Jing,Rach jie,Babe,Angela,Jack,Alex,Kingston,Minton,Pearlyn,and Amanda who i finally got to talk to @ Urbanescapes..was really nice meeting you peeps.and Jen who seems like a real big sis to all of us..hopefully she doesn't kill me after reading this!!!..and not forgetting meeting fellow nuffnangers Huai Bin,Simon Seow,Dusty,Tian Chad,Stephanie K and the Nuffies Nicholas & Jestina as well..

James Chong awesome job too man!!!!

oh yea the pics aren't watermark for some technical reasons..kindly link back to here if you want to use it..thanks!!!

For those who have yet to register for ruumz..well what are you waiting for..!!!
click here


k*a said...

I won't kill ya :)
Lucky u say sister, not auntie :P

Thanks for this blog post...and hope more people will join ruumz.

Su-per, Rock on!

Jing Jing said...

oppss... im just checking if he got any money ... weeee xD ~

well done ~

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha Racheal checking for money ;p

Pearlyn said...

hey nice post!

Rachel Koh said...

Great post ! bro ! tat nite really rock and fun !! ^V^

Huai Bin said...

Hello there! It was good to see you that night...great fun indeed, indulged in the amber fluid a little bit more than strictly necessary but good fun nevertheless. :)

HitoMi^^ said...

wah, so fast dah ada banyak comments
Hehe, sounds fun tapi i tak senang leh...

Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

Nice pics. Oh, so sleepy now :P
See you around!

Jeffro said...

bro.. did you notice something of the picture of you and pearlyn together? Check your fingers man.. *coughs* =P

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