Meeting Pixie Lott in Person

Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Courtesy of FlyFm...Me and Samantha had the privilege of spending a few moments with British born singer Pixie Lott@Sunway Hotel yesterday.It was a pleasant surprise when Samantha informed me that she won the FlyFm call in passes to a fan session with Victoria Lott know to most as Pixie Lott.

Although i have to admit..that the lady and guy who helped us take our photos with Pixie..had no experience in using a camera..nevertheless i'm hopeful they'll be good pics on FlyFm's website real soon as they have promised.

Before that a short intro on Pixie Lott,born on 12 January 1991 @Kent,UK,she an aspiring young song writer and dancer..and for someone as young as her who possesses a very powerful voice,i reckon she's the next big thing to hit our music charts..and with her first single MAMA DO topping the UK Charts just days after the release..and her 2nd single Boys Like Girls also received alot of response from her fans.Her album would be in Music Stores September 09..

Sammy & Me while waiting for our call

Cute isn't she??she was rather nervous when meeting all of us

I manage to jump in the last moment and snap this

Pixie's special gift to us..specially printed photo quality poster which she then signed it for us..i'm gonna frame it up!!!
We also received Pixie Lott pencils too..i'm gonna use in in exams for luck..=)

It was a great day for both Me & Sammy.. it was really nice meeting up with someone whose much younger than us but very talented despite being 18 only..adding that it was my very first time meeting a non local artiste close up and a having a chat with her..


I've been getting alot of visions of her

Thanks Alot to FLYFM & SONY BMG


HitoMi^^ said...

why no closer pictures like camwhore one??

Nicole said...

Y..i tot she's the rounder version of Britney Spears..LOL

kellster said...

jealous she looks so cute

+ Suresh + said...

Hitomi:cos they didn't allow us to snap our self..and for the Samantha pic.i manage to curi

Nicole:haha..ur not the first to say that..i guess cos she's blonde..hehe..rounder eh?lol

Kellster:yawor..very the cute kan..she was really shy and blushed alot..haha

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