Lunch Outing with Puiyeng & Spectre

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last friday i meet up with Puiyeng and Spectre for lunch at Old Town White Coffee@ Jaya One.well since i canceled last weeks lunch because it clashed with my counseling session with CurryEgg at UM..i decided to make amends for it this time..


cheeky girl Puiyeng(my daughter)

blur king Spectre??

well it was basically the first time meeting both of them and they were relatively funny:

Spectre was basically her toy for the whole outing*notice the cheeky smile again??*

she listens to her dad..whoops!!XD

*smiles wide*

The nearest way to scare off H1N1

chey macam Mr & Mrs Smith pose..

Blueberry ice-cream never tasted this good..

Group pic credits to one of the waiters...XD

it was basically fun hanging around them...the shocking part is Puiyeng's &Spectre were like quite quiet in ironic is that..neverthless nice meeting you guys..shall do this again sometime soon..=)


Jackie Loi said...

tsk tsk...*geleng kepala*

シ Puiyeng said...

=X I very noisy one leh.. =X

Baby said...

Spectre should be Daddy, Suresh should be brother and Puiyeng shoudl be sister

Spectre said...

lol blur pulak !my cheek still hurt that PY very ganas type !

crazywrazy said...

Father, daughter and son. Father makes C4 bomb. Son drives lamborghini. Daughter very noisy. I go crazy =P

curryegg said...

Haha... so cute. One family.. :D

Tony Wan said...

WTF... Bar.. Celona... Barcelona.

What a freaking creative funny name!

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