MTV Presents MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last week MTV Asia had their Roadshow at The Curve.Their roadshow was mainly done to give away Moshpit & Normal passes away to die hard music fans..International acts that would be performing here on 15th August:All American Rejects,Kasabian,Estranged,Hoobastank,Boys Like Girls,Pixie Lott,and Raygun

This year,it's going to be a lil different..There would be a Mega Stage build on @Sunway Lagoon,where they are currently draining the heard right..draining the whole lagoon!!! and adding that music fans can only attend the concert by winning passes ..that means passes are not purchasable..

Ont the day of the roadshow,fetched Nigel and Amanda at the Taman Bahagia LRT station and then we headed to The Curve,where we bumped into Bryan & Jeremy over there..great!!more bloggers!!

Hosted by MTV VJ Denise,a number of games were carried for the crowd to win themselves passes..When it came to the part when they were giving away moshpit passes..Nigel,Me,Amanda,Bryan took up the challenge and we won ourself the passes..awesome!!and all joined in and had a small chit chat session with Vj Denise before our camwhore

Group shot.Bryan's smile is classic

next pic was one of my personal favourite..thanks to Bryan for the pic

with VJ Denise Keller

Not many pics from the roadshow..cos again i left my memory card at home..zzzzz

a few days later the very same sponsor of MTV World stage came to my college to further promote the concert..and being part of the student council,each Colleges/Universities had 5 UOX Ambassadors .btw UOX means University Of

Calvin,Nigel,Ze Yin(Hope i got your name right) and myself

Muscular Indonesian Dude Andrew Dwipa Kencana in action doing the cowboy dance with Leka

Derek trying to stuff as much fries as possible..probably trying to break his own personal record..

Osse Sinare in action showing some popping moves!!this dude can really dance!!

Our very own Orang Terbang(Nigel) in action..he took part in 13 games and lost all of it..LOL..but he finally won the last game!!!..he looks sad and depressed doesn't he??haha

In between games,we had alot of we chilled out with one of the crew members..

and one of the last games was one of the most interesting one yet.5 participants had to use anything they had on themselves to make the longest line,where the participant that makes the longest line will walk away with a moshpit pass

The winner was one student from India,he basically won it by a mile with the help of his jacket and singlet and student ID lanyard...

but one of the most creative one was Nigel's..where he actually arranged all his bloggers contact cards in one line to make a long line..

Nigel with Xpax roadshow boss

Hard work pays off !!look at the grin on his face...Final score won 1 lost 14..LOL


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha I will always remember Nigel's 1 over 14 wins ;p

Enjoy ya

HitoMi^^ said...

haha, nigel's hamsap look

YULI said...

yayyy! i wanna go to malaysia! :D

+ Suresh + said...

Tian Chad:haha...yes yes!!

Hitomi:hamsap look ah??no comments..XD

Yuli:hahaha..come come..ur most welcome to come..perhaps come for a holiday or something since it isn't really far..=)

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