Nite Out @ Juice Mags 7th Anniversary Party

Posted by + Suresh + on Saturday, August 8, 2009

A week ago i attended one of the most anticipated and awesome party ever thrown by Juice Magazine as they were celebrating their 7th Anniversary..and thanks to the kind people there at Juice,they invited members of the public especially those part goers to come celebrate with them as they party the night out..I had the privilege of attending the event all thanks to Samantha.Thanks a bunch for the VIP passes...and when you have Martell,Absolut,and Chivas backing up the party,you know its gonna be a blast!!

with Zhao

We got front row seats!!

Wen & Me

AHHH...i finally meet Kristine...she looks fierce!!

Howard& Pinkporkchop

and not only bloggers were there...friends from Ruumz also came and joined the fun

Jack,Joey,Rachel T,Esther,Rachel K,Hafez and Dancer Raymond

The lovely bunch that makes events so happening!!

Serge with Adele & Nicol

Eve's always here as well.

Simon and Adele..they practically have the same eye posture..are they related??

Cute chick Adele & Nicol

OK..she needs no introduction..Jess the best!!!

Chris looking smashing cool..kinda reminds me of Elvis..modern day Elvis??

Yo!!..that's ur man gotta be man enough to deserve it..

Ok..i think she needs no introduction since everyone remembers her for all the wrong reasons.

Kingston,Rachel & Me

It was a wonderfull night all the way till the wee hours of the morning..entertained Joey G with a blend of wonderfull music by the was smashing hot in there..there were alot of hot girls and hot hunks 6 pack and family pack

all and all..awesome..

Pics Courtesy of Me,Ewin & Howard


LilJo said...

fuh fuh.... so colorful n happening la wei.. dang... im not in it..

Timelessmomentz said...

woooo~ huge party u r in...... suddenly i feel that my life so boring....not like urs party party party..haha..

HitoMi^^ said...

wasai, your look tak boleh lah...learn from christock!!

Pork Chop said...

your hawaiian shirt not neon enough! :P

mknace said...


Adele Chow said...

hehe! Grabbed your picture! :D :D
Nice meeting you that night, hehe!

Jing Jing said...

i was there feeling phaRnIeE where Susu wearing 2 glasses...

and the singer...

ah duii ~
Am I too outdated to accept
the song she sing ???

The lips that look like hotdog...
=___= ....

Susu, go cook it !!!

Rachel Koh said...


agree with jingjing's comment ~~~


u did a great job .. dude~~

i like our photo with king !

xD~~ *thumb up*

Wen Pink said...

wow i like the first pic.. u editted the colour contrast and it's so good! :D
btw, ORPHAN tix? :P

Wen Pink said...
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