Malaysian DreamGirls The Grand Finale(Part 1)

Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, May 18, 2009

As promised from my previous post from The Malaysian DreamGirls Grand Finale preview,here's the first part on the Finals review.

On a warm and hot Friday on the 15th of May,the finals of the Malaysian DreamGirls season 2 was due to take place at The Curve,Mutiara Damansara,i had the privilege of attending the events with a big bunch of blogger friends.Arrived there around 6.40pm.

The catwalk stage

One thing that normally happens before and after any event starts is,bloggers must camwhore(snap pics)

This lil super hero was kinda lost..non other than Zoe

meet her side-kick Eve

After that everyone settled in and took a breather before the event finally started.First up was a performance by this group,well at first it sounded like their tune was all wrong..but then they impressed us with some nice beats.

pure concentration

The emcees then took over the stage with a brief introduction of what to expect on the night.For some reason Will Quah sounds like Simon Cowell from American Idol.weird!!

Elaine Daly & Will Quah

Next the Top 3 Finalist arrived and warmed the stage dressed with an evening gown and mask




Display of Dresses designed for them courtesy of LimkokWing School Of Design








Next up:Display of products from the Officical MDG sponsors..Intel&HP


Pinky displaying the Hp Mini

Dawn looking serious with her HP PDA

The top 3 parading the stage

Elaine Daly&Will Quah came out again,but this time they asked the judges how they found the girls at MDG and whether they possessed the talent to be a Dream Girl

Andrew giving his point of view

The band was up and rolling again..this time this old timer with his saxophone..hope i spelt it right....XD

ahh..finally we get to see the man behind Malaysian DreamGirl..he was up here thanking all the sponsors and he added that in the 3rd quater of this year,we could soon be looking forward for MDG 3..i can't wait!!..and hey peeps..stay tuned for the last and final part of MDG Grand Finale Review in the next post..

Stay Tuned!!!

thank you for reading!!..=)


HitoMi^^ said...

whoa, Nice photos...suresh, your camera so powerful wei!!

these set of photos are way better than Mine lol...

kenwooi said...

nice pics!
photography is cool..
i cant do it until i get a proper camera.. haha.. =)

*chutz* said...

you know i actually watched the finals on the website and thought some of those dresses were horrid. but looking at these set of pictures, i realise even such beautiful photography could not salvage the disaster that were those dresses. pretentious, tacky and hardly haute couture!

and combined with those hairstyles, one wonders if the whole backstage crew was high on space cakes before working on those girls!

Khal said...

hey bro. i need your help. can u add me on MSN please?
just add. i will explain myself.

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