When Mannequin's Take Over Lecture

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yes..the title says it all

2 days ago i came across something that most students wouldn't expect in their lectures..well it was 8.30 am on a Tuesday ,well me and my classmates were rushing to attend a System Analysis And Design lecture,being a lil late has always been something of a disease these days..apparently we were 10 minutes late for lecture..so when we reached hoping the lecturer hasn't started teaching yet..we couldnt find half the students in class..but more of a figure sitting at the lecturer's desk..how ironic..well the figure is non other then

well she came minus the jacket..i decided to dress it up a lil bit since the rooms was COLD!!!

looking emo huh??maybe it's cos she has no hair

well thats the nearest you can get to a "lecturer".*coughs*

apparently she's built in with AI Technology(Artificial Intelligent)..lmao

well the most surprising thing was..most of the girls in my class ciao after seeing the mannequin..when all the guys found her quite interesting..LOL..minus me of course..

so the moral of the story..is if you ever come across something like this class..make sure you find out whether it can actually move it eyes..=)


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