'I'm a Standout in Life'

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, May 15, 2009

As the title says it all,i believe in away i'm a standout in life because since primary school,i've always been active in events and organization,and after entering college and being a blogger,it's even more possible:especially when you meet many interesting people everytime you go for an event.It's outstanding in the sense that,not many people get to mingle around with celebs,bloggers and the members from the media..chey i sound so perasaan..lol

hang out with the cool dudes!!

its not everyday u meet a guy with a star painted on his face..or a guy that has red hair standing up like a hen.

party like a rockstar, mingling around with bloggers can be good too as everyone has their very own special uniqueness bout them..

oh oh..or meet a sad geisha at ur college's dance competition

i tried to look sad..obviously i dun..

Represent the Student Council of my college for the Majilis Perundingan Pelajar Kebangsaan with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

chill out with Caprice at Hennessey Artistry

or pose for the HITZ.FM

They called us the so called bollywood hunks.lmao

and The Cultural Nite

well i can proudly say most of the event i've been attending this year is all credits to Nuffnang,the amount of effort they put in to promote blogs as well as organize blogger movie outing are very much appreciated..

and the latest in line is this Event by Nuffnang&Tiger Beer

for more information click here

hope i get the invites..=)


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