Fabulous Yet Scandalous

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, June 7, 2009

I was cleaning through my Nuffnang Music Bash goodie bag when i stumble upon something i never quite expected...i found a piece of paper that had a poem written on it that really got me touched yet scared the hell out of me...

part of the poem actually made me feel good and the other part made me feel uneasy

here goes:

Suresh has knowledge as vast as d beach
Lips as supple as a peach
He praises nikki like a witch
I guess tat is just a glitch ;p

my empty heart, only he can fill
my raging temper, only he can still
my sweet kiss, only he can steal
my strong love for him, only he can kill

In trouble, to his ears, I confide
In fear, behind him I hide
In need, he takes me for a ride
Such joy he brings to my side
My only yearn for him to be by my side =)

ohh~ u got me into overdrive
my heart feels like its taking a dive
his breath gives me life
you and me, only we can strive!


any idea who this person could be??


Wen said...

Hello!! We had such a great time yesterday night, didn't we?!

curryegg said...


What a lovely poem.. XD
Now I am wondering.. hahhaa

Devella said...

Ahem.....suresh, wow seem like someone admire you.....*cheers*

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Somebody admiring u!!

Andrew said...

wtf... ada secret admirer pun tak tau!! LOL =D hahaa... its me actually N for Ndrew.. LOL

Melissa said...

she said 'he praises nikki like a witch', nikki is the girl's name probably?? but LOL OMG a love letter *teases suresh*


Xeleon said...

Suresh you've got a secret admirer!! X)

or maybe it's from Nuffnang?
N stands for Nuffnang~
ahahahaha... XD

Xeleon said...

Oh, it can me too, xeleoN
so, N is me wey!! X)
lol, don't be so down XD

sport forum said...

sounds like a good poem,
good job!

[*-nikita sia-*] said...

wah~ nice poem! gg!

why my name inside your poem wan?? hmmmm


+ Suresh + said...

Wen:hey hey..yea we had an awesome time on saturday..i mistaken you for little red riding hood when you were a korean princess..lol..nevertheless you looked good..=)

CurryEgg:yea..jie it certainly was..was really shocked to receive something so sweet..lol

Devella:haha..miss sin hooi...why la cheers??later u merajuk then how??lol

Tian Chad:haha...no comments

Andrew:wtf...how can andrew become ndrew??lol..gay wei..LOL..

Melissa:haha.smart smart!!!ur doing a private investigation on me??tease me??hmmm..wait mel...i'll come by ur blog n tease you too..lol

Grace said...

and you're still SINGLE?? :p

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