Malaysian DreamGirl2 Finals preview

Posted by + Suresh + on Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last Nite was the Malaysian Dreamgirl Finals@The Curve...Juanita was crowned champ followed by Pinky and Dawn..was a lil upset Dawn didn't win it..because certainly she has that "IT" quality to be a Malaysian Dream Girl..Elaine Daly agreed as well..But hey Juanita deserves it..Winning by a massive 20 thousand votes..incredibly..and the best thing of all she's from JB..Me Hometown..XD

The ever smiling Dawn

The ever Stylish Pinky

The ever Gorgeous Juanita

like what you see??stay tuned for the entire review on MDG2's Grand Finale@The Curve
and yes i must thank my MDG pass sponsors as well..thanks alot guys..oh n yea thanks Griza(ppc) for attending it with me...n yea i agree with you i was a lil quiet.. :D



Anonymous said...

juanita looks rather mature eh.

+ Suresh + said...

haha...yes jg she certainly.i forgot her age..LOL..have u been following the MDG show online??

Pork Chop said...

No, THank You for the invitation :)

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