Malaysian Footwear Design Competition

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last Wednesday i received an invitation from Celine to attend the Malaysian Footwear Design Competition,as she was taking part i decided to come and lend my support..Both her shoe design actually qualified for the competitions cool is that!!!

orite..arrived at 1 Utama's The Oval @ the new wing at 6pm..and then registered ourself before heading in..

View of the runway from the 2nd floor

Finally no more gigi besi..LOL

we then proceeded by catching a glimpse of all the design by the designers

Celine's very own Design

cool huh??

One of the design by my cousin sis good friend Alvina

Various designs by different designers

Another design by Celine..for the evening wear..

The Award ceremony then started

The emcee of the nite..kinda forgot her name.XD

First performance on the night

It was then time to give out the first award

Datuk Seri presenting the award

Then even then continued with one of Malaysia's strongest vocalist..any idea??

Ning Baizura

Malaysian well renowned designer Jimmy Chia receiving his award

Next on stage was another Malaysian Diva


Both she and Ning Baizura posses very powerfull voices and vocals.Norin got the crowd going by asking them to sing along with her..she even bent down and asked me to sing with her..
was kinda caught out of guard when she passed the microphone to me as she asked me to sing along with her....having had sore throat for the whole week my voice sounded like a katak's voice..lmao..

there was also a fashion show but i'll leave it for the next few post..need to sort out the i leave you with somemore designers shoe design

On a night where Malaysian designer showed their creativity and talent trully shows we are not left out in the fashion world.added my Jimmy Chia's design that has gained alot of supporters from international designers..well done designers!!!!bring much more glory to the fashion malaysian have what it takes to be successfull in the fashion industry


Herry said...

I think those are already sold out in my size..

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