Quiksilver/Roxy Spring Summer Collection Showcase

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quiksilver/Roxy had their Spring Summer Collection Showcase @ MidValley Last wednesday....thanks to Nigel,i manage to obtain a Media pass to attend the event with a few other bloggers.

Celine and me reached Midvalley around 6:15..the both of us then gathered up with other bloggers at Starbucks..n yea...when bloggers meet..there's only one thing that comes to mind..camwhore kao kao..LOL..so yea..

with Ev..=)

Terri..isn't her smile just so sweet??*wink*

Soon all of us headed in and collected our Media passes

group shot of us...the paparazzi's were flashing their cam as we bloggers became instant celebs..XD..credits to Howard for the photo

the stage set up at the centre court area

Everyone headed in to take up good positions..some were snapping pics n some were adjusting their cams to get good shots..well me??i decided to go around snapping pics with others..ehehe

Hsu Jen,Kel Li,Celine,Me

Then comes the time where the fashion show starts!!!!

introducing the emcee of the night.MTV's Joey G

if you have to grab this pic..atleast credit me ok..*points at the girls*lol

now*drum rolls*

First up on stage

simple yet attractive

surfer dude..one girl was shouting omg!!!he so cute!!..lol

i'll let you give a comment on this..hehe

i'll let you comment on this..hehe

the skirt is certainly eye catching..with vibrant colours

cool shades!!!

casual wear added with some hand accessories

The Hawaiian look

Simple yet elegant with a mix of bright colours

flowery pattern that makes the dress attractive

HAWT!!! HAWT!!!..The hot babes certainly got the guy eyes wide opened while the hot hunks certainly made the girls go gaga!!!

after the show we stayed on and snapped more pics..

Kel li..she seems to be everywhere

ahh Lionel..dream on man..hehe

with Hitomi..btw she's not Japanese..lol

ahh..i finally snapped a pic with Jen..my my she can smile really wide

Terri n Me decided to snap at the runway

manage to grab a shot with Joey G when he was having a chat with the crowd

all n all it was a great display of summer clothing by Quiksilver and Roxy

Special thanks to Nigel for the invite..and yea credits to Howard,Nigel for some of the pics as well..=)


Serge Norguard said...

Eh eh ... edit the post, try not to use my real name that much.

HitoMi^^ said...

wah...suresh, blur pictures..

it is the pant not skirt suresh

Andrew said...

hiahhh~ looks like i missed a really super cool event!! and fashion shoot! LOL =D but im happy still! LOL

Grace said...

nice photos! :) Just thought I'd pop by to escape for academic insanity for awhile.. keep up the good job Suresh!

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