Naza Carnival 2008

Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, November 24, 2008

Naza Auto Mall had their Car Carnival on the 14,15 and 16 of November.

As i am a big fan of cars,i decided to drop by to check out the Speed Demons on display...

The event featured:
1. Freebies giveaway by the Naza GT Queens
2. Demonstration of the Ferrari 599 and Ferrari 430 spyder.
3.They were also Harley Davidson Bikes on display.
4. Normal cars to exotic cars on display too..

Entered the main door and my eyes lit up instantly..LOL..this is wat i saw

Front view of the Lamborghini Gallardo

Rear view

The sporty looking Maserati

The Audi looks mean doesn't it??LOL

Entered the main atrium in search for the ferrari:

Wala!!!..found it..

Ferrari 430 Spyder
N Finally the Ferrari 599 i've been looking for..=)

during the demonstration,a few inquiries were thrown at the ferrari personnel. Ppl were wondering how come the car looks more classic then the usual sporty looking ferrari

The answer they got:Ferrari designed the car this way as it was based on the year Enzo Ferrari actually found ferrari.The engine inside this machine is a much improved engine since the time of Enzo Ferrari.The cars body is fully carbon fibre made..using the same material used on a modern day Formula 1 car.

The beautifully designed engine cover..wanna know whats beneath it??

Engine: This power house is powered by a V12 engine
HorsePower: 620 Horses
0-100: in 3.5 seconds..impressive huh??
Weight:1.38 tons..much lighter than any other ferrari's made b4
Weight distribution: Compared to other cars the weight distribution on the front(57)n the rear(43) compared to other ferrari models that have a 50-50 weight distribution
Retail Price: a whooping Rm 2 000 098 million..OMG!!!

Rear view

Can you guys see the reflector in between the exhaust pipes??

The reflectors are attached to a defuser(black)..not a bomb defuser or anything ok??LOL

what does a defuser do??
well before i tell you,did you guys notice that there's no sport spoiler on top of the back lights??..Well Ferrari removed it to give the car a different look..but hey..if there's no spoiler,the car will not be aerodynamically stable...

so the answer to the defuser question..The defuser acts as a down force stabilizer to give the car maximum grip and improving the centre of gravity of the car when negotiating chicanes(bends).

whewww..that was long!!!..LOL..i've got more

i found a competitor for the Ferrari's non other than

The Nissan GTR

Rear View

Some people may argue that how can a Nissan GTR(Japan) fight with a Ferrari(Italian)
you would be surprised!!!

stay tuned for the review..coming soon!!!

Word says it all

Other than that,i've been a fan of BMW all my life thanks to my dad..LOL.his been working for BMW for 15 years.i would say their cars are build with the highest of technology gadgets and not forgetting lotsa safety features.BMW- Sheer Driving Pleasure

The BMW M3..

BMW E46 Coupe

The Volkswagen Golf GTI with ABT body kit.

Me with the Porsche.. pic thanks to Naza GT Queen Sherlina

The Audi RS8 with Sherlina walking by..sorry girl didnt snap a proper pic with you

Mr Clown decided to pose for the Cam as well.LOL..kinda blury

That was my Sunday well spent at the Naza Carnival 2008..For those of you out there,who are interested in buying a drop buy Naza's Auto Mall Showroom for special discounts on selected cars.Naza Auto Mall is located juz next to Federal Higway(heading towards Midvalley)

till then..

Me signing off..=)


szeling said...

Awesome! I wish i were there too!
Those cars are killing!

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