APIIT-UCTI 1st Intercollege Danze2Nista Online N Reality Tournament

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, November 14, 2008

APIIT -UCTI's Dance Club Organized their very 1st Inter-College Danze2Nista Online N Reality Dance Tournament on Novermber 1st...

As this was our very 1st dance competition here in APIIT..everyone was sumwhat excited and nervous.The event started with the preliminary rounds in the morning,for reality dance we had 15 Teams contesting the top prize,where only the top 10 will qualify for the finals later in the day.As for the Online Dance,we had our fellow sponsor CIB Net Station conduct The Super Dance Online(SDO) Competition..

Well during the preparations...

tHE emcee of the Nite.. wit meee...Scary huh???

Sad Geisha N 2 Face

Ryan,Michelle,Me N Karthik

Me N Karthik

Arguably the biggest suprise of the nite..Michelle showed us her brilliant dance moves..LOL

Never knew Darshini could look this sad..she's normally LOUD!!!

Me N Michelle during the Prelims..

At our Lounge,had neon lights to make it look like a real club..

Afro boy Ashu!!!!

Danze2Nista Crew 2008

Congrats on a job well done guys,especially to Edmund our project manager aka 2 face..we showed that if we work as a team,anything is possible..looking forward to our upcoming and final event of the year,Our Annual Year Gathering this 29th November..*clap clap*


Jeffro said...

It is damn cool! Wootza!
Wish I could see it for myself too!

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