A rather amusing conversation between a boy and his uncle

Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, December 9, 2008

hey peeps...

it's been awhile since i last updated...been bz preparing myself for my 3rd sem finals..

neway below is a conversation between a boy and his uncle that i found rather funny and amusing..

went to the mall on a Sunday morning to get some groceries..since it was only 8am..Giant was still not opened...decided to have breakfast at Mcd's...came across something that i never quite expected from a small boy

Boy:Uncle thanks for letting me stay at your house during my holidays..
Uncle:Ur most welcome!!!
Boy:can i tell you something???don't get angry
Uncle:yea sure...no problem

interesting part begins..

Boy: uncle you should not meet my papa...
Uncle: why you say so??
Boy: cos all the guys get attracted to him easily..i think papa is gay as well..
Uncle: errr..*speechless*
Boy: uncle,do you know papa is a playboy??
Uncle: oh..haha...really??
Boy: yup..papa plans to marry Tanya
Uncle: Tanya???
Boy: Yea his russian gf..who likes to pinch my cheeks..
Uncle: *starts laughing*..
Boy: I'm serious uncle
Uncle: Confuse n speechless again..
Boy: you seem like a nice guy uncle,maybe u should marry my mum..
Uncle: *laughs*no no..mum n me are just friends
Boy: *hugs* uncle

The boy looked like he was atleast 9 years old,the convo he managed to have with his mum's friend shows how much influence parents play on their young ones.. eventhough i had to prevent myself from laughing out..i really do feel for the boy.he maybe naive,but he certainly knows whats happening around him...

oh well..thats was basically the highlight of my sunday..LOL


Sami said...

haha!! r u sure u didnt make it up. sureal!

+ Suresh + said...

Sami: it was for real la wei..like seriously..funny ryte..LOL..
kids are learning alot at a young age..haha..sureal???it's Suresh!!..LOL

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