Charity Bazaar 2008

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Charity Bazaar Banner courtesy of Derek

Juz 2 weeks ago our College had our Annual Charity Bazaar,this was done to raise money for Orphan as well as Poor Homes.

The Week Long Event featured:

1. Charity Car Wash
2. Charity Auction
3. Charity PS2 Games
4. Notepad Selling
5. Groceries Selling
6. Song Dedication
7. Recycling second hand goods.
8. Charity Futsal
9. Blood Donation

The banner we hung at the main campus atrium

Artist finishing up her work..Great job Zoey!!!!

At the Arc Donation Booth

Charity Car Wash

Aya hard at work!!

The best Car Wash Crew

Charity Auction

Charity Auction Nominees

If you don't mind,i can hold on to you too.....LOL


Anonymous said...

hahah JULIAN famous tag line
"if u don't mind, i can hold on to u"

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