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Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time: 10.28pm

Name: Suresh

Sisters: 1 biological sis plus 1 blogger sis called Kelly

Brothers: 1

Shoe size: 9 for bowling shoes,10 1/2 for football boots and other footwear

Height: 175

Favourite drinks: Soya Bean,Frappuccino Caramel (addicted thanks to Starbucks Girl Karena )

Favourite breakfast: Roti Canai,Wan Tan Mee, Aunty Lin's Curry Laksa

Have you ever;

Been on a plane: yea..sometime ago
Swam in the ocean: yup..nearly drowned tho..twice at P Tioman.
Fallen asleep in school: yesh who wouldnt..LOL..especially college...
Broken someone's heart: yes, but this time it wasn't my fault...
Fell off your chair: yeah...
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: uh uh
Saved e-mails: yuppie
Chicken pox: nope..touch wood..*fingers crossed*
Sore throat: once in a blue moon
Stitches: yup used to be on me knee..after i fell on the cement floor while playing football
Broken nose: hell no!!!!..LOL

What is your room like:Clean..i can even see my reflection on the floor
What's right beside you: My iron,a bottle of hundred plus and my sponsors goods from SONY
What is the last thing you ate: Aunty Lin's Kuey Teow Mee and Roti Boy's Coffee Bun

Do you;

Believe in love at first sight: yea,but it doesnt happen often*wishing*
Like picnics: yes, especially with that special someone

Who was the last person;

You danced with: Michelle at Danze2Nista
Last made you smile:Kelly jie jie

Today did you:

Talk to someone you like: nope...but i sent her a Good Luck msg for her SPM
Kiss anyone: nope..=( ..LOL
Get sick: Once in a blue moon
Talk to an ex: Tak pernah ade Ex larh..
Miss someone: Family, Melissa Joy,and basically everyone..XD

Best feeling in the world: Having someone i love by my side..belum experience it yet..LOL

What's under your bed: mE BAG
What time is it now: 11:05PM

Random Qs:Q:

Q:Is there a person who is on your mind right now: yup..can't mention..*wondering whether she's the ryte 1*
Q:Do you have any siblings: yup yup
Q:Do you want children: Hell yea..haha 2 gals, 1 boy
Q:Do you smile often: yea,i guess it depends on whom i'm with larh..lol
Q:Do you like your hand-writing: hmmmm....good question..yea i do...
Q:Are your toenails painted: hell no!!!!...no way man
Q:Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: My gf's???ahahha
Q:What colour shirt are you wearing: Red with the writing Xinchao printed on it..
Q:What were you doing at 7:0opm yesterday: On the hp with Melissa
Q:I can't wait till: i meet her..ahaha
Q:When did you cry last: can't remember..
Q:Are you a friendly person: yea
Q: Do you have any pets: yea,3 doggies to be exact
Q: Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: back home in JB studying for her SPM
Q: Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now? : can't remember..but yea i guess
Q: Do you sleep with the TV on? : nope,more like with my laptop on..LOL
Q: What are you doing right now? : Doing this tag
Q: Have you ever crawled through a window? : yes, small time...now cannot fit wor..
Q: Can you handle the truth? : errr...i think so..
Q: Are you closer to your mother or father? : both of them
Q: Who was the last person you cried in front of? : No memories of it..CTRL+ALT+DELETE
Q: How many people can you say you've really loved? : i'm not even sure...
Q: Do you eat healthy? : yea..lotsa veggies
Q: Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? : teared ade la
Q: How often do you go to church? : once in blue moon,if my friends ajak..LOL
Q: If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? : Fatin Razan,Kelly
Q: Are you loud or quiet most of the time? : loud most of the time and quiet at times
Q: Are you confident? : yea..i guess so..
Q: 5 things I was doing 10 years ago: studying, chatting, and watching tv
Q: 5 snacks I enjoy: Mammi Monster,Cheezels,Twisties,Mr Potato,Double Decker chips
Q: 5 things I give part of it to my family,buy a house,bus a BMW,Aston Martin and spend a whole day in Pavillion Shopping..XD
Q: 5 of my bad habits: Lazy at times,moody at times...thats all i guess
Q:5 places I have lived in: Taman Perling,Johor Bahru,Pee Jay,Shah Alam,Bkt jalil
Q: 5 jobs I've had: Head of Discipline in Secondary School..chey wah..LOL,part time listener,son,brother,Basf Petrochemical

Tag 5 people: Jeff, Kelly aka Curry Egg, Tiffany Loh, Fatin Sara, Celine,,oh yea if forgot someone really special..LOL...Fatin Razan..ur TAGGED!!!!


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