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Hey people,

from the beginning of this year till now,i'm sure most of you guys have seen the various post of mine on the ItalkWhoa online all in one platform.Well it's the time of the year again where we conclude everything that has gone by and embrace the coming new year with a positive mind set.

In this post i will talk about the recent TM's EveryoneConnects 1st Birthday Bash and also a detail conclusion on the ItalkWhoa campaign.

The World Of Everyone Connects

If you notice that's me standing in front of the EC Hall Of Fame :D

What is Everyone Connects All About??

Everyone Connects powered by TM was first established on 21st November 2009 and the main objective of the campaign was to portray TM as the enabler of the digital lifestyle, instead of just a Telco & Broadband service provider. They believe that technology is an enabler of possibilities.Thus the campaign was launched to further spread head their vision.

On the 21st of November,Everyone Connects celebrated their 1st Year Anniversary at E@Curve
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Here's an Advert video of Everyone Connects by their Ambassadors


If you have been following my blog since early in the year,you would have noticed 4 different blog post that i have written on ItalkWhoa

If you didn't..fret not!! here's a recap!!

In The First Post(Introduction)

ITalk Whoa is a Unified Messaging and Convergence platform that provides users with a single-point-access to Messaging and Collaboration systems.ITalk Whoa brings ease to the users as it provides an interface that allows users of theirs to synchronize all their e-mail accounts together,which allows users to access e-mail much more faster with just a few clicks rather then logging in to an e-mail account one by one at a time which requires a lot more time.Read The Full Article Click Here

In The Second Post(The Email Function)
As all the active users of the internet would know,E-mail plays a very big role in our day to day life..whether it's for businesses purposes,for personal use or simply keeping in touch with colleagues,Family and also friends.. One would ask...why would you need iTalk Whoa to open your e-mails when you could do it straight from the website?? let's say Gmail for instance..well iTalk Whoa represents and brings ease to it user by allowing users to open and view all their e-mails all in just one portal..Portability at your finger tips??Definitely!! In just one portal users can open multiple e-mail accounts and synchronize it..allowing messages to flow in everytime you refresh the page is refresh,making it more manageable ,fast,efficient and you'll definitely not miss any e-mails again.Whats more Italk Whoa comes with a function whereby you could integrate your office mail to the portal itself just by doing a simple few settings...Read The Full Article Click Here

In The Third Post(IDD Call Feature)

Alright here’s a thing..The IDD Call Feature brings you much joy as the rates for calling internationally via fixed line or mobile is way way cheaper compared to calling overseas with other telcos.Whats cool about it is ItalkWhoa’s IDD Call Feature not only runs on your computer but also via mobile on your smartphones. Read The Full Article Click Here

In The Fourth Post(Hari Raya Special)
Despite the festive season ending not long ago..our Muslim iTalk Whoa users can still enjoy the raya promo benefits which beginned initially on the 1st September 2010 till 31st October 2010.As we know during the Raya period most people would take long holiday off work to spend Hari Raya with their love ones,but for some who are separated by distance would find it really hard keeping touch..Therefore to bring friends and family closely during this festive period,there will be an additional 20% talk time bonus when you call your family and friends.The additional 20% bonus talk time will be given right as you create/reload your account...As Simple As That!!
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