It's ITalk Whoa Time!!!

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello there peeps out there!!!

Have you guys heard of ITalk Whoa before?? well if you haven..courtesy of our preferred telco company @ Telekom Malaysia(TM),they are launching this Application today!!!

Whats is ITalk Whoa u may ask??

Well ITalk Whoa is a Unified Messaging and Convergence platform that provides users with a single-point-access to Messaging and Collaboration systems.ITalk Whoa brings ease to the users as it provides an interface that allows users of theirs to synchronize all their e-mail accounts together,which allows users to access e-mail much more faster with just a few clicks rather then logging in to an e-mail account one by one at a time which requires a lot more time.

At the present time,where the line of Technology is at it's highest,where the trends of users these days prefer using Social networking tools such as Friendster,Myspace,Facebook and etc..ITalk Whoa enables users to connect,communicate,and collaborate with friends and family with ease.For an example,users whom uses ITalk Whoa would be able to access their Facebook account and update them and also view Facebook pages of their friends just by viewing it on ITalk Whoa...How Cool Is That??Have you heard of 3-in-1?? well Italk Whoa represents All In One for short!!

Are you guys already buzzing??excited???i hope you are...because i know i am!!

Oh yea not forgetting to those whom SMSes alot,make calls and interact with others via instant messaging system and even browse news get to do all of it in just one portal..Simple!!Fast!!Life's Good!!!

what you waiting for??click on the sign up button today!!
Have you guys ever seen something like this??:

For every column a user fills in..a 'Thank You' message is generated!!

It's the first of it kind around and it gives you a feeling of being appreciated!!awesomeness!!

Stay Tune for more!!!

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