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Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, August 23, 2010

Hey hey hey..

I'm back with another update on ITalk Whoa..yes i'm here to explain more in detail a
few other things you could do to fully utilise your Italk Whoa account..In this post i'll explain the E-mail function...

As all the active users of the internet would know,E-mail plays a very big role in our day to day life..whether it's for businesss purposes,for personal use or simply keeping in touch with colleagues,Family and also friends..

One would ask...why would you need iTalk Whoa to open your e-mails when you could do it straight from the website?? let's say Gmail for instance..well iTalk Whoa represents and brings ease to it user by allowing users to open and view all their e-mails all in just one portal..Portability at your finger tips??Definitely!! In just one portal users can open multiple e-mail accounts and synchronize it..allowing messages to flow in everytime you refresh
the page is refresh,making it more manageable ,fast,efficient and you'll definitely not miss any e-mails again.Whats more Italk Whoa comes with a function whereby you could integrate your office mail to the portal itself just by doing a simple
few settings...

The Mail Homepage

Adding in the e-mail account window

Italk Whoa also come with the Pushmail function,that enables users to forward their selected New Mails to their mobile devices such as smartphones automically..allowing smooth flow of mails receive on the go..Whats good about it is,the pushmail functions is widely supported by various mobile devices,you name it,Nokia,HTC,Blackberry,IPhone's and so users a much more wider range of mobile devices they can use iTalk Whoa on.

Verifying the Push Mail settings you would like to add

Another plus point in using the E-mail function on Italk Whoa's convenient not only for performing various task such as e-mailing but also adding contacts to the address book,events on the calendar page and also for checking e-mail while your traveling just to make sure your up too date with everything on the go.From a personal point of view i'll say for users whom are actively travelling around,this portal will be definitley be your best friend as most of us uses our mobile phones for business and personal consumption and the clarity of having something very efficient as Italk Whoa will make your life much more easier,hence providing efficient ways to keep track of office and personal activities..

The world of Globalisation is at it's peak now..use ITalk Whoa Push e-mail function to keep you connected always..
for more information on the E-mail function or any other information with regards to Italk Whoa
do drop

and for your convenience kindly click the Manual function under the Help Button..

Good Day!!

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