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Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello there ...

I’m back with another update on Italk this post i’ll explain the IDD call feature.

But before hand’s a question for you guys..did you guys read my previous post on the overview of ItalkWhoa??well if you haven.Click Here

For those of you who have already signed up,have you guys tried out all the features available on site?? and for those whom have yet to sign up yet..what are you waiting for too??:D

Click Here

Alright here’s a thing..The IDD Call Feature brings you much joy as the rates for calling internationally via fixed line or mobile is way way cheaper compared to calling overseas with other telcos.Whats cool about it is ItalkWhoa’s IDD Call Feature not only runs on your computer but also via mobile on your smartphones.

I kid you not..even before signing could see the IDD calling rates and for first time users..There will be a preloaded airtime of RM5 given to you for free for your own convenience and reload cards for topping up of the account are available at telephone shops around Malaysia..Talk about portability at your finger tips

Hence..talking about portability,from a personal point of view,Italk Whoa saves me a whole lot monthly as i have quite a number of family members and friends overseas and calls rates are very much cheaper compared to other fixed line or mobile services in Malaysia. It most definitely saves you a whole lot from burning a hole in your wallet.With ItalkWhoa IDD Call Feature i can talk more but pay less at the same time.Don’t cha just love it?? :D

Here a list of rates for various countries worldwide

By the way here’s a listing of 32 countries...But the good thing this ItalkWhoa IDD Call Feature

applies to another 51 countries worldwide..which means a total of 83 different countries!!!

How Cool is that??

Keeping touch with friends and family right at the convenience from your pc or mobile phone

brings the best of both world.Users are also able to purchase airtime via online by using

Maybank2U and various pay online services provided by other banks.

Balance at the end of the call is also showed to the user..what more could you ask for..

I’m off for another chat with a close friend from UK...

For more information on ItalkWhoa and their IDD Call Features..

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Good Day!!

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