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The International College Of Music Proudly Presents: The Final Friday Performance

Date : 7th May

Time : 4.00pm - 6.00pm
Venue : Recital Hall, ICOM
Admission : Free

The Final Friday Performance began many years back as a get together sessions for
the students to perform on stage. Competition amongst students were at its peak
back then. Everyone wanted to perform. The culture evolved overtime and became a
Tradition. Performances grew. The attitude of the culture maintained. The
International College of Music maintained this and now, every semester, Friday
Performances are held weekly to select a winner to perform for The Finals- known
as The Final Friday Performance.

So for this semester, 9 musicians will be performing on stage. All from different
backgrounds and influences but with 1 commonality, their passion for music.
These musicians are Irma Seleman, Feri Lau Widjaja Bong, Jesica Yap,TerryTim,
Eugene Yeo Yu Chuan, Cliff Wong, Kelly Phoon and Khoay Vern Hanz.
They've made

it to the finals. The competition is now amongst the best.

To further introduce you to the young musician that will be performing,here's a lil introduction on them

Hey Everyone, How you doing?
I'm Irma Seleman from Penang. I'm a vocalist. I do R&B and Funk. My singing and
music style is influenced by great R&B vocalists and musicians such as Chaka Khan,
Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Rachell Farrell, Marcus Miller, Incognito and many
more. I am a self thought vocalist who listens to mostly Pop, Malay Pop, and Rock.
I was introduced to the music world by my dad. He's a part time musician. When I
joined ICOM, I realized that I had just stepped into a whole new world and started
listening to other types of music. Now, I relate myself more to R&B and Funk.
This how I express myself the best, through my music and also by doing covers. I
sing a lot for public gigs in cafes or pubs. I've also done a lot of weddings and corporate events too.

Title of Song to be performed : Getaway by Earth Wind & Fire
Genre of Music : Funk

I'm Feri Lau from Indonesia. I'm an all rounder bassist but my main interests are
more towards Fusion, Funk and Jazz . I am a self taught musician and began by
playing the guitar first. Later I moved on to playing the bass when I entered Farabi
Music school and by the time I was ready, it was 2007 and I came here to ICOM to
further pursue my studies.

Title of Song to be performed : Asayake by Caseopea
Genre : Fusion

I'm Jesica Yap and this year I am going to be 21 years old. I'm an Indonesian pianist
and started to first learn the piano at the tender age of 7. I studied under the
ABRSM examination board and once I had my grade 8 Certificate in Music, I came
here to the International College of Music to pursue further my love for music in the
Berklee Transfer Program.

Title of Song to be Performed : Parah La Tino by Spyro Gyra Genre : Latin

Hi there, My name is Eugene and I am a contemporary violinist/performer. I'm 19 this year and a small town boy from Kuching, Sarawak, trying to make it big in the music industry. (fingers crossed) I come from a pretty musical family; my mum's a piano teacher and my siblings play musical instruments as well. I picked up the violin at age 6 and I've been playing it ever since. I also play a little piano on the side.

Title of Song to be Performed : Victory by Bond
Genre: Classical Crossover

Hello there,
I am Cliff. I am a drummer and i enjoy performing as well as studying music here at ICOM. I am originally from penang, moving to KL after my final year in secondary school, to pursue my dreams and career in music. What really moved me in to music was pretty much my father, with the collection of old records. I was exposed to music since childhood, with old records of my father, from Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and to Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin. My father influenced me in a way there were so many genre of music that i could enjoy too. At the age of 12 or actually 11 during the middle of december, i was first exposed to the drums. My Father had an idea of wanting a musical band where, my sister sings, me playing the drums, my brother on guitar and my dad on the bass.

Title of Song to Be Performed : Summer Rain by Hiromi Uehara
Genre : Japanese Fusion

I'm Terry Tim and I am from Myanmar, a small country. I grew up listening to
Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin from my father. One funny thing about me was,
when I was about 4 to 5 years old, I won't sleep until my father played Beethoven's
symphony no.9 for me.
I started learning the guitar when I was 15. But back in those days, I played the
guitar just for fun. I Never took it seriously nor dreamt about going abroad to study MUSIC

Title of Song to be Performed: (undecided)
Genre : Finger Style, Acoustics.


My name is Whang Jungeun or better known as = Haru. I am from Korea and I am
going to be 25 in June. My main and major instrument is Vocals.
Before coming to Malaysia I was studying at a Korean Music College. Now I'm doing
the Berklee Transfer Program at ICOM.
My experiences in Malaysia are in the ICOM Tributes where I was a backup vocalist
in the Tribute to Michael Jackson 2009 and as one of the main vocalists for the
Tribute to U2, 2010.
Title of Song to be Performed: A medley of Move and Heavy from Dreamgirls.
Genre: Pop


I'm Kelly Phoon. i'm in my final semester in the Foundation In Music program here
at ICOM and my major instrument is, the piano. I took up piano
and organ lessons
when i was five and have been brought up in a strong musical
environment.I think
this is probably why my passion in music has taken me so far.
I wanna go the distance with professional skills to produce and and
arrange music
pieces. I myself have composed and arranged some pieces. Most of
it instrumental

Title of Song to be Performed : Toumeo Ninjen by Tokyo Jihen
Genre: Japanese Pop

Hi there, my name is Hanz. I am a music composer and performing
artist. I am currently studying in ICOM.
I am originally from Taiping, Perak, and I am now here in KL to
pursue my career inmusic.
I hardly remember what inspires me into music actually. But somehow
my family
members used to tell me that I was already playing the piano myself
since I was 3
years old. I used to play by hearing all the while, and somehow I
started writing my own melodies since I was 11 years old.
So come down here this Evening and lend you support for these young
talented Musician.
While relaxing yourself to the beautiful piece of music they are about to perform


Here's a map attached for your convenience..
Click Here

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Music Lovers!!! see you there!!!!
*Photos courtesy of International College Of Music(ICOM)


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