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Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, February 26, 2010

Have you guys heard of Allison Iraheta before??

If you's a short introduction on this young singer.Allison Iraheta is a young 18 year old American Idol finalist whom finished season 8 in fourth place.Yes!! she was on the very same season as Kris Allen.Born on April 27, 1992 in Glendale, CA,her debut album "Just Like You" was released on 1st December 2009 and thanks to Sony Music i manage to get my hands on her album.I've been hearing all night on the way back from a Food Review outing last night..and all i can say is,she sounds really really good.For someone so young whose still in her teenage years,she has a very matured voice and not to mention a very powerful one as well.

Allison Iraheta

Allison has quite an interesting name i must say having being born to American and Spanish parents.She more of punk rocker and she has awesome vocals as well..she reminds me of Avril Lavigne during her younger days with her hair highlights and all

She loves her music

Allison's first album "Just Like You" features 13 wonderful written songs that really gets your heart pumping and let's not forget this American lass is still very much the girl next door despite her high profile appearence on American Idol.

Her album consist of

1.Friday I'll Be Over You
2.Robot Love
3.Just Like You
4.Don't Waste The Pretty
5. Scars
7.D Is For Dangerous
9.Still Breathing
10:Trouble Is
11.No One Else
12.Beat Me Up
13.You Don't Know Me

Featuring her Hit Single Friday I'll be Over You & Don't Waste The Pretty

Having heard all the tracks from her album,the song that really caught my eyes or rather ears would have to be "Don't Waste The Pretty".I personally felt this song had alot of emotions and a story to tell.I've always believed that to understand a story being told through a song,the lyrics in particular has to be spot on.

Your typical teenager

To all music lover's out there,this album is certainly one worth getting and not to forget she's being compared to Kelly Clarkson,The American Idol season 1 champion.before that don't forget to catch her showcase tonight on StarWorld at 5PM.

If u are interested to find out about her do view her official page at here..Click Here

Here's a short video of her during her music video shoot:

Special thanks to Sony Music for the Music for the video,Allison Iraheta Official Page for the photos!!


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why i havent heard of her wan? lol.. looks nice tho =P

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whoaaa pretty!!!!

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nice to know you ~........................................

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