Photo shoot Outing At Desa Park City

Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Greetings peeps!!hope everyone's having a good week so far :D

Alright a couple of weeks back i planned a photo shoot outing at Desa Park City,nearby Kepong..with Evon being my Model for the day..Since the weather has was pretty hot,we planned for a morning shoot to avoid looking like burned chickens!!

It was my first outing doing a shoot since getting my EOS 450D in January..YES!! i'm still new to the world of Digital Single Lens Reflect(DSLR)camera...

The view across the lake at about half past 7 in the morning

The first shoot was done at the jogging track near the me this place is quite beautiful with the smell of fresh air from the cold breeze makes you feel so much freshier!!

Focused more on Evon to make her more outstanding compared to the building's behind

The effects of the background was good..looked more like a wallpaper behind..
but i assure's beautiful mother nature at it's best!

One of my personal favorite photo from the gives a sense of calmness
while sporting the sense of relaxation..

Nature brings out the beauty in you

Apparently she was sketching me out in her book :D

The vision to see the light that shines oh so bright over us

Time and time best describe the emotions that surround us,untold,unwritten
but certainly unforgettable

In the eyes of an idealistic daydreamer

The gift of nature brings two closely

We set goals to achieve our dreams,for we know it brings out the best in us

Visions & Motivations will only make one stronger!!

Reading a book shares a thought or two with us,reminiscing the path that life takes us too

Behind those young innocent eyes lies a secret,an achievement,a story!!

It was a fun shoot nonetheless and a lesson learned a photo tells a story by just having a look at it,but memories from a photo brings back priceless memories!!!

Life has it's ups and downs but always remember from those ups and downs
a valuable lesson is learned and it only makes you much more mature and stronger!!

On a note It's not all about click click here n there..but it's about angle,settings and precision

Good Day =)


FeeQ said...

haha remind me my 1st photoshoot for hitomi with jeremy at same place that u did XD

Nice picture by the way XD

Wen Pink said...

whoaaa prettyyyyyy phewwitt!!

Wooi Kit said...

nice shot bro! :D

Elaine New said...

crazy!!! wake up so early for photoshoot! haha.

xiaopei said...

Nice pictures :) I like the one sitting on grass ^^


Vanessa Lim. said...

Oh monkey,I have to hate you now because you actually found the 'heaven' place in my heart. Indeed,DPC is my favourite place for photography though. :P

Anyway,nice pictures you have there. Keep it up! Small monkey support you alright? :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

we want more!

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

nice one brother! when is my turn? haha!

Spectre said...

Dude should ask to come along So i can give creative comment ^^

Hazman said...

yeah... she is beautiful.....nice pics...

Yekaterina said...

so hot girl!!! wow!!! i got great deal on camera at

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