Vanessa? Who the hell is she?

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello readers! :D

Right,I bet you loyal readers got this weird feelings with this introductory of this post because that's not the usual "Suresh" kind of style,right? :) Don't doubt yourself,you're currently at Fact that,another blogger is here to somehow pollute & make some noises around. Well,I am going to be your entertainer for the day! :D(blame Suresh if this post didn't turn out funny because he'll do all the editing & stuff so yeah)

Ps/ Please leave those grammatical errors alone because we're not sitting for any exams right now right? :D & I apologize if my English is too horrible,excuse that too.

Let's start off with something shall we? & if you found that you're not well entertained by the end of this post,sue me at Nyehhh,I was just joking? :P

So I'll start off with introducing myself,yet another boring introductory but please don't skip this,because you wouldn't want to. Teeheee.

*insert a picture of myself*

Well,I won't want to scare you readers off due to my "oh-so-pwetty" pictures because Suresh will haunt me down if his amount of readers decreases like nobody's business. Be curious people,just imagine my appearance will do. Nyehhhh. (Suresh just gave me that "meow" sound effect,so cute) Hahahaha! ;D

My name is Vanessa Lim Siu Fun,& you can call me Vanessa. They said: Do not judge a book by its cover so yeah,don't judge me. Somehow,you'll find it hard to judge me & Suresh knew the reason. :P I annoyed him most of the time (in a good way okay?!) & he enjoyed being annoyed by me. How wonderful. Suresh,I am praising you okay so please be proud of yourself. :P But I have to say,Suresh aka big monkey is an awesome friend to me. I thank God for bringing him into my life(as a friend). Seriously,he helped me out a lot,in every ways. :) No matter in studies or something which involve my personal life,indeed,he helped me a lot by giving out precious advises which yes,I truly admire him. & sorry big monkey,your small monkey here always annoys you with her lame jokes & all.

But I received great feedbacks from him. So if you do not smile at the end of this post,I am a totally failure. :P So I beg you people,smile okayyy? :D & you better leave some comments saying that you want Vanessa to own this blog. Muahahaha! You people better missed me because I wouldn't know when will I be having the second chance to update this blog because once this blog entry is published,& once Suresh the big king kong is not satisfy,so yeah,bye bye Vanessa! :P (as though Suresh is an evil man)

*oh no,I am out of jokes* (:O

So anyway,Suresh is not what you thought okay? Well,the loyal ones should know but I bet those passerby(s) wouldn't know so yeah. To me,he is like my brother who guides me basically in everything. Someone whom is precious to me. King kong,I know you're tearing so please get some tissues for yourself before you go any further. Hahahaha! Or perhaps king kong is very angry right now. Imagine his nose coming out with smokes & his hair are all up. Omg! Perhaps too much of cartoon? :x But well,don't you people feel 10 times younger while reading this post? Or am I just fooling myself around? (:O

Basically,I wouldn't have much to elaborate since that big king kong is nagging & curious to find out how "sweet" I am right here so yeah. Perhaps if I have a chance,I'll come back & annoy you people again alright? All you have to do is to leave a comment telling Suresh this girl is so annoying & you want her to come back & annoy you people once again. Hahahha! :D I am annoying,in a good way.

So I guess that's the end? Til then,I'll come back someday. Reminds me of this song:

Somewhere,over the rainbow,sky are blue. :P

Bye folks. :)

With love,



Spectre said...

Wah your blog got hijacked by vanessa ! awesome

Eza Rashid said...
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Eza Rashid said...


淑慧 said...

加油!充實內函最重要!Beauty is but skin- deep. ....................................................

Wen Pink said...

wah... got guest blogger some more!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I will need a lot.................................................................

劉彥皓 said...


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