My To Do List For This Month

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, March 13, 2009

March will be a relatively busy month for me...not just in terms of studies and all but more like events..that reminds event calender is pilling up already...starting with:

1.City Harvest Church's Friends Night(March13t- Today)thanks to Pauline

2.Elawyer Blogger Conference(March 14th)

3.Possibility of a Blogger United gathering after the Blogger Conference. (March14th)

4.Malaysian Dream Girl Top12 Presentation @ Mist-Club Bangsar(March16th)

5.Need to prepare a Report for Logistics and Security on the upcoming Sports Carnival.

6.Need to start doing My System Analysis N Design Group Project

7.Need to start doing MY Problem Solving and Program Design Project using C++

8.Finally early next month,APIIT's Student ARC(Student Activity N Recreational Council Camp)


and those of you out there that would like to go to City Harvest Church's Friends guys are most welcome to happening today from 8pm onwards..hopefully you know someone there before you come..=D


Clarisse Teagen said...

Someone's being very productive with their life :D

curryegg said...

you are busssyyy.... =P

+ Suresh + said...

Clarisse:haha..thanks!!!you should come oso la..i bet u'll enjoy..=) la jie..weeee..i'm gonna meet u tmrw at the blogger conference..LOL

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