Malaysians Are Obviously Creative Parkers

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just when you want to go out..some creative student parks his/her car like this..

here's an incident outside my college's parking lot..

thats my kelisa being surrounded..blocked at the front

Back view..isn't it surprising how someone can be such a nuisance to others just by parking their car like this?

yesh i do admit there isnt much space to park in the parking lot..but the thing is atleast put ur hp number there so we could call you..some do and some don't..for example"all these creative parkers" don't even bother to put their it's impossible to get the car out..had to wait till 5pm to go happened i was suppose to buy a bus ticket back to jb the very same day..ishhh...i'm ranting again.LOL


Jeffro said...

hahahhaa.. u should have seen the one i posted last time.. the cars practically kissed each other's butt =D

+ Suresh + said... makes us angry ryte..but at the end of it..we just laugh..cos it plain stupidity..LOL..bro resend me ur creative parker link post..LOL..neway kesian my car ryte??caught in the middle..Lmao!!

curryegg said...

Gosh! Serious? =_=
What a creative way.. 'bravo'..

Jeffro said...

LOL, true indeed.. =D
nways, here is the link..

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