Malaysian DreamGirls Top 12

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have you guys been voting for you favourite dream girl??i mean Malaysian
if you guys's how you could do so Click Here

well below are the top 12 Finalist


well if you wan to see your favourite contestant progress forward to the next keep sending in your for myself,i personally feel that either Dawn or Liana could win it..

if you guys agree or fell free to stress out your opinions..and yea for those of you who haven watched any episodes of here for all the videos..=)

and a special thanks to Nuffnang again for the VIP pass to go meet the girls at Mist Club,Bangsar tmrw..looking forward to it..

photos of the MDG Top 12 Finalist taken from Nuffnang..

i'm practicing citation after yesterday's Elawyer Law Conference themed *Blogging N Law"..dun wanna get sued..


§pinzer said...

HAAHHA good one!! which reminds me, i need to post about the event soon!

+ Suresh + said...

LOL...thanks man...looking forward to ur post..btw linked u as well..n stay tuned for my post as well..currently editing the pics n all.=)

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