'I'm a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband'

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nuffnang & Maxis is having this super cool event themed "Nuffnang Music Bash 09"powered by Maxis Broadband..i'm certainly not gonna let this chance go begging..so yea..

like any other Stars out there..i'm a Star in my own league..I party Like Rockstar, Look Like A Movie Star,Play Like An All Star..

as i'm a very big fan of music..i'm this Malaysian Artist thats pursuing a career in music..Perhaps the next big thing in the music industry..Also known as the next young music icon from Malaysia..mind you..*wink*

As A Music Icon i would like to party with the Hottest Celebrities in Town..hang out with them and attend the coolest events..such as the most recent 1 Malaysia DreamGirl Presentation @ Mist Club,Inter-College Dance Competitions

If looks could Kill.dun mess with it!!! =D

Undoubtedly cool huh??*so perasaan*

Club at The most exclusive clubs around..like the saying goes"Breakfast @ Starbucks,Lunch @ Tony Roma's and Dinner @ Cavells...

with Sherreen & Chan

let's just say popularity gets you going places..Live like a King when Your on Top!!!

And Hang out with the cun est girls around

Malaysian Dream Girl Presentation@ Mist Club..Fiqa N Denezia from season 1 N 2

Me with uber cool Fiqa @ Mist Club

Hanged out with Denezia as well @ Mist

I would love to own the most powerfull speed demon in town..supreme power on wheels..another saying that goes along "When looks has nothing to 2 with it..It's whats under the engine cover that counts"..

Ferrari 599 GTB..650 horses i tell you..XD

Last But Not least...i so hope i get the invites soon..this post is a lil late..hope to hear from the Nuffnang Team soon..=)

till then..

adios amigos!!!

me signing off



ruth tan said...

looking good there lil wannabe star!

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