Valentine's Week In College

Posted by + Suresh + on Saturday, February 14, 2009

We had our Valentine's Week through out these 5 days in college..Valentine's Day is best described as a day where 1 LOve is shared by 2 Hearts..Other than that it also a day where love is shared around with family,friends and you know who..LOL

below is some of the happenings in college during this week.

This cute lil Teddy's was on offer at our ARC Booth

besides that we were also doing song dedication,guitar dedication,selling roses(real roses of course)LOL..yeap we also had the game called Valentine's Day Dart

Each heart on the board represents a few points in which if you could collect points you've earned and be able to redeem it for the gifts we had on offer..

N yea Ji Yuan couldnt help he dediced to snap a few shots with his new friend

Ji Yuan n his monkey

After that headed over to Mandy's booth too kacau her..Mandy n her friends were selling hand made cards,chocolates imported from Japan,Writing sweet Valentine's Day messages n all..

Meet up with a few of Mandy friends as well..


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