Chinese New Year Celebration @APIIT

Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, February 16, 2009

We had our annual Chinese New Year Celebration in college last week

The Celebration featured:

1:Wushu Performance
2:Lion Dance
3:Drum Performances favourite *grins*

All the leng lui's drumming..*wink*

The best pic of all..n yea a pomelo as offerings..

showing her skills..oh yea she did a kick as well..n it just missed someone..LOL

Arm and Dangerous

It's all about the Rhythm..

it looks like it's staring at me..yikss!!

The crowd was charmed by the lion

n yea i received an orange after this fella came to me..*wishes for alot of luck this year*

Gong Xi Fa Cai..n yea notice the big crowd at the back..something trully great!!

warm blessings..n some even thought the lion was licking the APIIT Logo..

*waves* look here not there..LOL

It was day of wonderfull beating of drums,a day where many of our foreign students got in and joined in the celebration..It was one of the best Chinese New Year Celebration ever..May this year be a bright and fruitfull year for everyone..=)


Anonymous said...

Wah, girl power!

Andrew said...

hello suresh!! haha.... yea long time no chat LOL>... rhhh.... lion dnace!! i super love it... hehehe.. =D

am good here.. urself?

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