Nuffnang Premier Screening Of Punisher(Warzone)

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Premier Screening Of Punisher(Warzone) was screened at Cathay Cineplex Damansara@Cineleisure on the Feb9 all thanks to Nuffnang.

This is an outdated post..but's a short post on the screening..

Was invited to come watch the screening all thanks to Hitomi as she had got a herself a pair of ticket to the screening..thanks for the invite again..=)..

Met up with Hitomi near Mcd and headed to buy Ice-cream..we then headed to Outpost,where other bloggers were chilling out.Meet Zoey,Chris and Huai Bin there. Outpost is place where you could eat n chill out while waiting for your movie to pics on the place after the virus on my computer wiped all my pics..manage to recover 3 photos tho.

Just before the movie started..some of us took part in the games that the Cathay's Management had in store for us.

One of it was Star Wars Monopoly

the most interesting n action packed game was the one where we were given guns(not real of course).We had to shoot 2 targets which had multiple points all over their body.The person who scores the most points will get some of the prizes on offer..

Zoey looking excited

The targets(The mannequin of course not the Punisher)

Forgot this dude's name but he had alot of accurate shots..This sharp shooter must have been playing alot of Counter Strike.

N the Movie

was an overall lived up to it's expectation from the previous Punisher movies.It was action packed,where guns rule n where the good always wins.A must watch this u guys out there..watched the movie d??if you haven't head down to the cinema for some action..


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