An Alien Story by Tiffany Loh

Posted by + Suresh + on Saturday, February 28, 2009

A dedicated post to Tiffany of my of good friends whose taking part in MPH Young Writer's's a piece of 1 of her story

Have you ever wonder if aliens do exist? Are they living in this world of ours? Well, they are to me. On one beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was on my way to pick up my friend, Sonia to go to the mall. We were out of warm clothing to wear as winter was coming. As I was driving heading towards a junction, a car next to mine, was speeding and my car almost turn turtle. From my angle, I could see the traffic light was changing from yellow to red. I have guessed that the driver in the speeding car did not notice it. So I horned at the car to warn the driver. Unfortunately, at that very moment, a speeding truck came out of the blue and crashed into the other car. I was shocked but I immediately came out of my car and rushed over to see if anyone was hurt. “For the love of God! ”, I heard myself saying. Believe it or not, there was no one in the car or the truck! So I went to search for witnesses that might have seen this phenomenally weird accident. Sadly, I found no one. When I came back to the scene of the accident, poof, I see nothing, nothing at all. One would have imagined that with an accident that bad, there will be broken glass everywhere but I cannot see a thing on the road! Not even the broken glass from the vehicles’ windows. While I was standing there, in middle of the road, thinking of an explanation, another truck came speeding towards me! I tried to run but it was too late.

The next thing I know I was awaken in my bed, covered with sweat. I guess I just had another nightmare, again. These preternatural nightmares have been happening since last week. Everyday, I will be awakened the same way – profusely covered with sweat – I cannot take this anymore but it keeps on happening. It does not feel like a dream, it is too real to be a dream.
“Maybe it is just a recurring nightmare? ”, I asked myself.
In a dream, you cannot control your actions but in mine, I can. So on one beautiful Sunday afternoon, I purposely ‘forgot’ my purse in my house when I went to pick Sonia up to go to the mall. I went to take another way to go there and nothing happened. After picking her up, I turned back to my house to collect my purse. After that, we headed to the mall using yet another way. Guess what? Nothing happened. I felt so happy as I thought that all these so-called dreams are over. After shopping in the mall I drove home with Sonia as she wants to stay over at my house for a day or two. We reached home and got dressed for bed but before that, Sonia wanted to watch a movie on HBO. I made two cups of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on top. While we were watching, a breaking news interrupted our program.
“It is amazing to see how this can be happening to Mrs. King here. Mrs. She has experienced some very strange accident this afternoon”, the news reporter said.
I think to myself, “It is de-ja vu, her experience is the same as mine! Is it an alien abduction or what?”
The news reporter continues, “The police and Inspector Lee from FBI are still investigating this case. Everyone thinks that either Mrs. King is crazy or this so-called accident did really happened. No one knows as there was no one in sight that can be a witness”,
“She must be crazy”, I heard Sonia whispering to herself.

Oh no, this is happening again. Here I am, in my bed, again. I am still covered with sweat like I was just out of the shower. Everyday is a Sunday and everyday is the same date, month and year. I thought I could escape this, but sadly, I cannot. Sonia is not in my house. I do not think that she would even remember that she went out with me yesterday and stayed over. I tried doing something different today, again. I would not give up that easily. I must say, I am a phlegmatic individual. Sonia called me, as I expected, and asked if we were going to the mall today. I said no this time. I am just going to stay at home and have some ‘alone time’. Nothing and no one can disturb me. I am just going to have a cup of coffee and read a book. Sonia wanted to come over as she was bored. I did let her come over as I thought there was no harm in that. When she arrived, she rang my door bell like a thousand times. I ran towards my door to open it,
“What’s the matter? “, I asked her.
“I…I saw… ”, she said almost out of breath.

“Saw what? “, I asked.
“Saw an accident but… ”, she stops half way and then looked at me seriously. ‘Oh no.’, I said in my heart. I know what she is going to say next.
She continues, “I saw an accident but…but, there was no one in either vehicle when I went to check on them! When I was searching for someone’s help or some witnesses, when I came back…nothing was left! Not a car or a truck! I know I sound crazy but- “
I put my finger on her lips to tell her to be quiet because I know what she is going to say next.
“I know what happened and I trust you. “, I told her.
“But…but how did you know? You were not there and it was not in the news as I know that the police would not believe me because I don’t have any prove. They might just think that it is my imagination. “, she said, her voice was still a bit shaky.
“I know because I have- “

Not again?! I am back in my bed! I cannot take this anymore. I checked my phone for the date and there it was, the same date that I was in yesterday, the day before yesterday, the day before yesterday’s yesterday and so on. Before I go totally insane, I have a plan today, something that I had in mind for a long time but a plan that I did not dare to do. Today, I would ignore the feeling of being scared. I dressed up and went for a drive. I drove to the place where the accident always happened. As I expected, a car next to mine was speeding,. I stepped on my accelerator so that I could be the same speed as the car and see that mysterious driver’s face. “NO WAY. “, I told myself. I see an unusual figure. ‘It’ does not look like a human. “Is that an oval head and- “, I hear tires shriek and boom! When I opened my eyes I found myself in the hospital.


Yi Ling said...

that story was funny. it's quite nice but i guess could still be improved. but it was a good try i must say :)

Anonymous said...

thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Great writing ...^^ Keep up the good work ..=)

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