God Sent Me 2 Angels

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm having my finals this coming monday,and only god knows whats running through my head...pure pressure..thankfully i've been blessed with 2 lovely person who always seems to be there and be very supportive of me..

1.Kelly Tan aka Curry Egg

- A great person,she's always that bright light that shines over me..
- Someone i look up too,her words are always comforting...
- she's very supportive..smart as well

haha..sorry for making jie cry juz now...glad it was tears of joy..=)

2. Sze Ling

- She sent an sms saying not to put too much pressure on myself,take it easy n she said go sleep
- My assistant Producer in our movie
- Midnight chat buddy n yea another great listener..=)

Btw sorry for getting u at the wrong time.. my sms..must have woken u up...thanks for the caring sms eventhough u were half awake...lol..

n she said this
You need to awake till wat time??
i'm there to make sure ur awake

cheer up my friend
gonna make sure u get through this exam period smoothly
no pressure k....that was so sweet of her...thanks a bunch

touched leh,that u plan to keep me company till late..LOL


curryegg said...

Haha.. thank you and I'm touched by your post. Lolx.. I am not crying in real. It means touching.. :)

Glad that Sze L left a good impact on you. Keep up the friendship.

szeling said...

I'm touched by your post too! ^_*
There's 2 angels here supporting u always... LOL..

do take care~~

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