I'm finally done!!!

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, December 19, 2008


i'm finally done with my 3rd semester finals for my first year in college!!!finally free..LOL..
what a year it was..it brought alot of stress,tension,wit lotsa this n that..it was hard adapting to college life from secondary school life..but i survived it thanks to my bunch of wonderfull people...

Being part of the Student Activity And Recreational Council(SARC) in college brought along alot of responsibility,leadership,fun and more fun..lol..it's been a great experience working with you peeps..of course there were ups and down,but in the end,we stood tall as a team n together we made the events in college this year a blast..

T- Together
E- Everyone
A- Achieve
M- More

Other than that, it been great being a Nuffnanger all thanks to Nuffnang..being part of this wonderfull blogger community actually expanded my love for photography,and blogging n i actually learned alot from other bloggers..it is here that i met someone really special..non other than my blogger sis Kelly(Curry Egg)..n wats surprising is,just as i finish typing her name out in this post..she actually signed in on msn..panjang umur jie..lol..also got to know other fellow Nuffnangers like Anne Marie, Jeff(broda from college),Celine(another lovely senior from college),Karena(arguably the most active 16 year old blogger in town)that reminds me..she's been spamming my chatbox...i guess cos i still owe her Frap Caramel from Starbucks n yea she claims i owe her chocs n now ice-cream too.lol...May...Shirleen...Wendy and not forgetting Cathy

It's been great knowing you peeps...keep up the good work!!!!=)


curryegg said...

Hahaha... yes.. panjang umur me.. kekekz... I am glad to know you too... :)

anne marie isabelle said...

thank u

Celine said...


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