What Makes An Advertisement Appealing

Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saw an AD recently? Was it Colorful? Or did it have the catchiest of Tag Lines?

Advertisements are something from the past but has grown tremendously at the present Digital Age through the advancement of Technology & with the Brilliant ideas of today. It could be a Billboard Ad, Radio Ad or simply a Magazine AD.

But have you ever wondered why do Advertisers spend big amounts of money on Advertising when certain advertisements are only looked at once or twice? To begin with, the average attention span of a person generally varies by age. Older people often have longer attention spans than younger people. More so on things they enjoy or have intrinsic value. That would be 3-5 minutes on average.

So in that short space of time, what makes an advertisement so appealing that people would buy into it?
It's always been about the perks and promotions but how is an Advertisement Structured? View Below!

  AD 1

· Type: Magazine Print AD

· Benefit highlighted: The Ben Sherman fashion label encourages both young men and
  women to style themselves with the ultimate british lifestyle brand. 30% off entire purchase at their
  new store in Boston.

· Ad’s appeal: The ad has emotional, sensitive, rational, elements which are appealing to
  both men women in particular those who love stylish,trendy, and having a good figure
  to go along with their fashion sense.The ad uses two models models as a first
  -hander or the product. This is hugely appealing as people would like to try
  out the product because of the colors and designs as show in the Ad.

· What I like about the ad: The background colour of the ad is appealing and relaxing to
  the eye with its warm greenish background color. The ad is also
  informative and shares a 30% discount for potential customers who shops at their new location.

  AD 2

· Type: Outdoor Billboard AD

· Benefit highlighted: The board gives a 3D like image that shows the amount of challenges faced by
  DHL to carry a parcel from point A-B. It shows no matter what obstacles that are out there, they are
  still as fast and efficient.

· Ad’s appeal: The ad has emotional,rational, elements which appeals to the many
  people whom desires for a fast and efficient delivery of their respective parcels or air cargo globally.

· What I like about the ad: The ad background features a 3D like image of a maze depicting
  the courier company and the challenges it has to go through before reaching it's destination. I like the
  fact that the ad is 3D and it would keep people guessing on the reliability and efficiency of DHL


· Type: Outdoor billboard AD

· Benefit highlighted: The ad encourages vehicle passengers, especially back seat passengers to
  fasten their seat belts. As most accident casualties mainly are back seat

· Ad’s appeal: The ad has logical, rational, and its statement oriented which are valuable and important
  to the many to the many motorist we have on the road.

· What I like about the ad: The ad is made of a 3D element on a busy street in the US. What i
  like about the ad is, it is eye catching and mimics a elastic showing how much passengers would
  suffer in an accident if they do not wear their seatbelt.Its a brilliant idea to attract people to notice and
  take caution before its too late. Prevention is better than cure!

I've shown some of the creative Ads as seen in a few places, but different people perceive information differently, hence how well an AD performs depends on the Demographics of its Audience, The Location and How Well Worded it is.

I've seen the Famous BMW Led Billboard on the Sprint Highway and take light Doing It Right & being Creative always reaches out Clearly to the Mass Audience.

Do you have a favorite AD that appeals to you? Capture them and Drop the link at the comment section below! Thanks =)


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