Chelsea Asia Tour 2013

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Football has impacted me in a way no other sports has ever since i was small. Football isn't just a game that is played for the purpose of winning, but also to test your ability against the best. Since the age of 7 catching my favorite english teams mostly on the weekends on television has been somewhat of a routine as years have gone by.

Currently its the off season in England as teams are away on a 2 month pre season break with loads of friendlies lined up for each teams across continents.As most of you know Chelsea Football Club was down in Malaysia last weekend for a friendly against a selected Malaysian XI. If you don't already know, Samsung is Chelsea Football Club's Main Sponsor & Thanks to the kind people at Samsung Malaysia & Manoah Consulting, i had the privileged to catch the game Live! Yes Live.

The traffic condition wasn't to bad heading to the Shah Alam Stadium,as there was multiple routes to get there. Brought the cousin brother along and we totally enjoyed ourselves.

The atmosphere inside the stadium was breathtaking. It felt so surreal and it was! It was a packed near
                                                                full house stadium.

The fans were up on their toes from start and cheered on both the teams. They even made your typical
                                                wave (gesture) with sounds of excitement.

Ironically while looking for the correct door to enter we sneakingly popped in another entrance to see how the stadium looked like and to our seats at Quadrant C- Grey Zone soon after. It was called the Samsung Zone where Bloggers, Samsung Soccer School Kids & Kids from a Home sat and watched the game.

I guess for some of them, it was once in a life time experience to catch a football game live and thanks to Samsung Malaysia, they had the privilege to catch the game.

                                                                The Samsung Zone

We probably had the best seating position as were sitting pitch side right behind the Chelsea Goal in the
                                                                       first half.
Chelsea dominated very much of the first half and at half time it was 3-0 to Chelsea and in the second half Malaysia had more possession of the ball and defended much better.

Malaysia vs Chelsea 0-1 ( Bertrand Traore goal vs Malaysia 6′)
Malaysia v Chelsea 0-2 ( De Bruyne goal vs Malaysia 28′)
Malaysia vs Chelsea 0-3 ( Lukaku goal vs Malaysia 45′)
Malaysia vs Chelsea 0-4 ( Moses goal vs Malaysia 88′)
Malaysia vs Chelsea 1-4 ( Shas goal vs Chelsea 90+1′)

The Samsung Air ball probably kept everyone entertained as it was pushed up to one corner to another.

And as the game ended with the final score 4-1 to Chelsea i headed for the Exit and snapped a photo with "Eden Hazard"

My Camera man had to fight for angle with the huge crowd at the booth.

Had an awesome time and it was a good experience being part of the beautiful game. Thanks Samsung Malaysia & Manoah Consulting for the invites!


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