Media Drive - Honda Hybrid Realizing The Dream For A Sustainable Future

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As the weeks, months and years go by, the staggering increase in Global Warming & Air Pollution mainly produced by vehicles are something so serious that environmentalist have predicted the worse is yet to come. With the increase in Global Oil prices as well, the burden on the environment and financial strain on people, there weren't many options left.

However, through Research & Development on Technology in this modern era of globalization, a solution was figured out and it was called The Hybrid System. At the present time a wide range of vehicles have adopted this technology and can be found in a variety of passengers cars across the global market.

Thanks to Honda Malaysia & Manoah Consulting, i had the privilege to be invited for a Media Drive to Johor Bahru for the Honda Hybrid Family Roadtrip 2013.

The Milano Red Honda CR-Z Hybrid As My Ride

When you have a 2 Door Sports HatchBack powered by a 1.5 liter i-VTEC Engine topped with an Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) & equipped with a 7 Speed CVT Gearbox you know FUN is just around the corner! Oh Joy!

For the Roadtrip we had 2 Honda CR-Z Hybrid & The Civic Hybrid for Bloggers

On the day of the drive (Saturday), Samuel and myself both left in our CR-Z Hybrid's at around 9am from Subang Jaya to meet up with the other bloggers at the Seremban R&R in their Civic Hybrid 

It was the day of Merdeka, hence the volume of traffic increased towards mid morning.

Taken at The Seremban Rest Area for a quick PitStop while awaiting the Civic Hybrid

As soon as the Civic Hybrid linked up with us, we got rolling and made our way down south to Johor Bahru. Boys being Boys, nothing excites us more than putting the paddle down and having a bit of fun. Samuel and myself decided to give the car an extra push and checked out how the CR-Z Hybrid's faired at high speeds and at the bends as well.

With the comfiness of the bucket seats and a well set up car, it felt surreal with it's amazing handling! It  almost felt like we were in a Go-Kart. If there's one thing i'm sure of, front wheel drive cars tend to have understeer at high speed cornering but the CR-Z just sat there glued to the road.

We reached Johor Bahru around 1:15pm and proceeded to the Honda Hybrid Family Roadtrip Roadshow at an open air field behind the AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre

The Main Entrance 

There were booths surrounding the roadshow area with Honda Merchandises up for purchase, Kids Play land and even small stalls providing us with cotton candies and also to keep the crowd hydrated under the swelling hot weather. It was about 36 Celsius during the afternoon

The cars made available for the public to have a test drive

We soon entered the huge air-conditioning tent to cool off and have a lil fun with the games made available for us. The public were given a close preview of the car and there were various booths with different fun filled activities to educate the public on Hybrid Technology.

The Aircond Tent: The Public getting to Know More about The Hybrid Cars

    The Discovery Area

A lil of history of the Honda Green Auto Technology Milestones Wall. The transformation in technology and also their aim in creating a better and greener tomorrow.

The First Honda Civic Hybrid was in introduced in 2007 and has made steady progress since its inception. If your wondering what does CKD in the photo above stands for, it means Complete Knock Down Unit (Meaning cars are locally assembled).

The Discovery Area aided us with information on how the Honda brand has progressed steadily in not only technology but also through its redefined engineering for excellence through safety and also being friendly on the environment.

Next up at the Discovery Area was The Power of Two

Jilian & Myself decided to give it a Try!

The trick to this game aims at generating power and speed by paddling at the same time with the right coordination of cycles, in order to light up the orange light in front by generating electricity.

Honda Formula - E

The kids fancied this section the most. The main goal is to speed away and go the distance with the Honda Hybrids.
Next up we entered the Hybrid Home Theatre, where we learned how Hybrid Technology works for us and how the battery charges by itself. While at it we are exposed to how Hybrid Technology aims to change the perception of people towards it. I must say before joining this Media Trip, i was pretty skeptical and uninformed on the term Hybrid and how it serves as good method in preserving the environment by reducing vehicle emissions. But after experiencing it,  I'm totally convinced! 

To Find Out More Do View this Video below!

Don, Samuel, Cynthia & Jilian having fun at the Roadshow


On to the The inspire section, there were small games positioned to test our knowledge on the Honda Hybrid Cars! If you complete the game you get a small Honda Souvenir as a token of appreciation

Samuel first attempt at building his Hybrid car at the Build Your Hybrid Challenge


   At this section, the public were exposed to the features made available in the Honda Hybrid's and
   also for the members of the public to register themselves for a test drive.

Test Drive Anyone?

Sidney Testing Out the Honda Jazz Hybrid's Boot

Jilian in the Honda Insight proving how spacious it is

With all that games and clickiti clap on the camera, we all developed an appetite, so we headed to Restaurant 3377. According to Cynthia the restaurant was a sister branch from the famous Laksa Shop in town. I recall, during my high school days, dad use to bring me to this restaurant which was famous among Singaporeans and jam packed during the weekend visits.

The Claypot Chicken Chop Rice w/ Lap Cheong

The Claypot Loh Shi Fun

After our makan makan escapade we decided to check in at our Tebrau City Hotel and Rest our way before the Honda Concert at Night.

As night came we headed down to the Honda Roadshow again to be dazzled by some of Malaysia's upcoming Artist. We had Prem from FLY.FM to entertain the crowd!

   Contestant were asked questions & if they got it right, they would receive RM50 as a

 Samuel, Jilian, Cynthia & Myself

Group Shot w/ The Fun Bunch: Don, Ashley, Sidney, Myself, Samuel, Jilian & Cynthia *photo by Samuel

The Group Adam was on stage to entertained the crowd!

 You never go wrong with Camwhore Photos

After spending our night around at the Roadshow we headed out for an All You Can Eat Steamboat at only RM21!

Food Galore!

w/ The Bunch. Thanks Don for the photo!

After dinner we decided to take a drive into town and we paid a visit to Danga Bay. With it's huge development recently we couldn't help but to do a small night shoot with the cars.

By the time we finished it was time to head back to the hotel and get some much needed rest

The very next day was a Sunday, and we headed to The Toast to try out some Yummylicious Food!

The Toast!

Famous for their Mee Siam w/ Otak Otak or Chicken

Their French Toast is simply yummy as well as it is stuffed with chicken ham and cheese!
Bloggers at their Best!

After filling up on breakfast, everyone was energized and we headed to Johor Bahru town to snap a few photos before our trip back to KL.

We decided to snap away at the Istana Garden behind an Old Ancient Ruin during the British Days

As the government serves in preserving the environment here in Malaysian with it's heritage of wonderful monuments and blissful scenery of mother nature, i can take light by driving a Honda Hybrid car, i'm not only indirectly preserving the environment but also doing my part for mother nature. There is only one Earth! The Place we call home! So if your a regular on the road and aim to be eco-friendly and at the same time save money! Get yourself a Honda Hybrid and start preserving nature as we see it before it is too Late! =)

Goodbye from US! * Photo by Samuel

 Off we go on the EDL Highway Back to KL

In Conjunction with the Honda Hybrid Family Roadtrip 2013 which will be held nationwide on every weekend, do drop by the roadshows to learn more about Hybrid Technology & also to find out how you can rent a Honda Hybrid for 3 days 2 Nights thanks to Honda Malaysia.

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Special Thanks to Honda Malaysia & Manoah Consulting


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