AD Unplugged 2013

Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, July 8, 2013

Here's a repost from another blog of mine since many wanted to find out more about the course made available from 95% Advertising.

Back in late April 2013, i attended the AD Unplugged 2013 workshop which featured 
some of Malaysia's top Creative Directors, Art Directors & 
Account Managers from Top Advertising Agencies in Malaysia.

The purpose of the work shop was directed towards Advertising Students at
Taylor's University Lakeside Campus and the main goal was to encourage and 
enhance the creative side of students through a few brain storming session. In the sessions which
we took part in, we were given the task to think of a "Big Idea" and draft out a strategy to attract the 
people of Malaysia from different age groups to participate in
our Blood Donation Campaign.

During the brainstorm session me and my team identified that, the main reason 
Malaysians do not participate in such session would because,they are often scared
and easily traumatize after seeing their own blood being drafted out. So me and my
team drafted out a few strategy with the main purpose of relaxing blood donators
and making the surroundings more conducive when donating blood. We found
out that, people in general are very sceptical on the experiences of nurses to
in drafting out blood. The main factor was people
whom appear petite would have small veins running through their body and would
require extra amount of care and patience.On more than one occasion most nurses would prick them a few times before getting to the right vain. Pretty scary experience i would say!. We also ironed
out that it is important to keep blood donators relaxed during the time of donations, 
hence we came out with a method of giving them headphones and placing a 
television to take their mind of the procedure. Simple and very effective i would say!

In order to get our idea implemented we had Shaun Tay, General Manager of 
TBWA to be our mentor to share his opinions and further aid us with his
past experience. As we were broken down into groups of 6 and we didn't 
know who our group members were before hand, it was quite interesting to work
with a different set of people. But it was an overwhelming and educative
experience. I know i certainly benefited from it and i look forward to future and important
sessions like this. As the saying goes, some things aren't learned in the classroom
but outside instead.

Looking forward to the next workshop from 95% Advertising.


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