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Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, July 21, 2011

So i received a phone call from Nuffnang somewhere at the end of June for an upcoming Wrangler Concept Store Media Preview at Sunway Pyramid...Thinking it was just another opening of a new store i was most delighted when Anne mention that myself & 9 other bloggers together with models were going to be modelling their latest collection..Now that got me all the more excited..

prior to the event on Thursday,all 10 bloggers and models had to report to the Wrangler Store 2 days before on a Tuesday to get our fitting and outfit picked by stylist Steven.

The Runway

The Runway was set as early as 8am on the day in the morning when all bloggers and models arrived for our full rehearsal..had this butterfly feeling in the tummy early in the morning as i am used to covering fashions shows but this time around being the one to walk down that runway represented yet another immense and wonderful experience...

A special thanks to our Choreographer whom added a lil spice to the show by interacting us on stage with the dancers that day..Not forgetting Cat-walk Guru Bella Rahim for her tips as well..
Rehearsal turned out oh so fun and soon everyone headed for lunch before arriving back to get our hair and make up done...

Behind The Scenes





while others were getting their make up done,Jq and myself were just getting warmed up..
Here's more photos!

Awesome set up!

ZOMG by Jq

Jq & Myself

Not forgetting the Team of staff behind Wrangler Concept Store Sunway Pyramid..They were busy all day getting all the outfits and set up done for us..here's a group photo of them while they were having a lil fun on stage =)

Back Stage
I'm sure most of you remember this 2 lovelies from Malaysian DreamGirl Season 1 & 2
Cindy & Ming

Cindy,Jq & Shannon


Enough of behind the scenes for now..let's catch a glimpse on what was featured on the runaway
An introduction was given by Pat to the members of the media on Wrangler's latest collection.. Now! Fashion Show Time Yo! Featuring 3 Brazillian Models & 10 Celebrity Bloggers..

Emceed by Model/TV Host Patricia Su Lin Knudsen

First on stage was DarkBatman: Yeah he likes it mysterious that way!


The Gorgeous Camilla Mendes

Dancers in action..getting the crowd all pumped up!

My Moment!

All bloggers and models out for final glimpse of our outfit..

Nick Davis,Cindy,Shannon,Jq & Ming

Group shot of us for the paparazzi's

If you are wondering why there isn't much photos,well i was back stage with everyone preparing for the show..but view all the awesome photos View it here & Here

with our Manager Yuen in the middle

Cos we're cool like that!

On a personal note it was one awesome experience being back stage with the Bloggers and Models and it just shows effort,time and practice makes something look so easy when it was definitely a challenge..especially having those camera flash,flashing before your very eyes..

I would like to thank Wrangler Malaysia and Congratulate them on the opening of their New Concept Store and guess what people the store at Sunway Pyramid was their very first one in Malaysia and their 2nd store at Midvalley Megamall is slowly taking shape..Can't Wait!! i'm off to Wrangler to fill up my wardrobe...

For More updates on the latest design and oh not forgetting there's on going contest on their Facebook Page..visit Click Here

So Hurry Up Peeps!

*Photo Credits to Nicholas Chay

Advertorial Written for Nuffnang Malaysia for MY Wrangler


Hilda Milda™ said...

Wasehhh, bakal model nih :P somemore modelling with so many leng lui, untung lah you!

JJ85 branded said...

Pretty Wrangler Jeans and you are pretty too!

Glo-w~* said...

omg how could i have not commented o.O" neways, wow! wishing there was a video because you looked great there ^^

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