Alvin Anthons: The Start of a Music Journey

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Everywhere we turn in the music industry we hear of an upcoming artist,living their dreams andmaking it big.With the ever evolving world of Digital Music Revolution such as Youtube and other online Platforms we are getting a glimpse of various talented Musician & Singers doing what they love..That is writing and making Music.

Singing is a way of expressing yourself through music and here is Alvin Anthons who happens to be a talented Singer making it big with the recent release of his first single 'Berdua'

Alvin Anthons. A recognized name. A well-known entertainer who, for the past 15 years, has thrilled audiences not only in Malaysia but as far as Korea and Egypt. His quick wit, charm and creativity have made him a hit with his audiences.

Now, with the release of his single, Alvin is set to stamp his mark further in the entertainment and music industry.

TV host, emcee, deejay, voice-over talent, event manager... Alvin Anthons can now add singer to his list of accomplishments with the release of his single, Berdua. Berdua is the first single to be released under Alvin’s self-titled debut album, due out later this year.

Alvin's first single 'Berdua' is a self written piece and it is the first single to be released under Alvin's self-titled album.Berdua is a A mid-tempo love song in the pop rock genre, Berdua talks about learning from past mistakes, moving on, and being a better person in a new relationship.

Sharing with us a chapter of life through his single..expressing mistakes are made before but take it as good lesson to not make the same mistake in the future.The Song Berdua has a strong character to it and by hearing it just once you would definitely love the lyrics.The melodies and synchronization of the music just get you thinking as well.If your a fan of love songs or simply someone whom had it hard in a relationship before this single will definitely soothe your feelings more..

Check Out Alvin Anthons First Single Berdua :

Alvin Anthons - Berdua - The Unofficial MTV

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Clarisse Teagen said...

mmmm hmmmmm.
If you're in touch with him, could you ask him why he prefers such a heavy auto tune? Even Glee doesn't use so much.

Isaac Tan said...

Thanks for the sharing session. :) My first time hearing Alvin Anthons music though

Baboon Tan said...

thanks for sharing! :)

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