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Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey There People

The last 2 weekends was just crazy i tell you!! 2 big parties back to back by 7aste.
I had the privilege of attending 7aste Queenstown at Booze JB on June 10th followed by the second one at Ecoba 7 days later..Like every year since 7aste arrived here in Malaysia,each year has a very own theme..7aste this year themed Queenstown New Zealand brings yet another twist of excitement by letting you experience the very exciting culture at Queenstown New Zealand.

7aste made it first appearance down town Johor Bahru at Booze Permas Jaya for the very first time as well..If your not to sure what 7aste is all about...how does partying like a A-list celebrity sound to you??

7aste is all about the experience, Wine and Dine Queenstown (New Zealand)style. Indulge in some finest alcohol and while your at it, munch on some awesome finger food while you dance to the awesome music being played around by the DJ’s on deck and most importantly have fun like there's tomorrow with the crowd of party people. It's was a night of mayhem. A night where for once we would get the chance to experience the party oh party style of the people from Queenstown New Zealand

My Moments at 7aste Queenstown JB

So i shall begin..having been away from events in KL for a couple of month due to my long holiday away from uni,life's been pretty boring back home..till Bryanlyt mentioned that 7aste is making it's first big appearance down town Johor Bharu..which so happens to be my hometown as well..so i couldn't say no when he invited..well on the very day i had Nathalia accompany me for the event..even though we reach there a lil late due to traffic jam,the party was just about to begin..thanks to Leonard for speeding up the process for entering...Not to mention for reserving a table for us..

Leonard with Vian

Leonard w/ Vian, Fay & Bie

The Place at Booze was pretty big and it was amusing seeing the crowd there..
more of a uncle crowd tho :D

Coronet Peak

Here's a place for you gaming addicts...

This big marquee is filled with loads of Styrofoam beeds and it is pretty cold in here..
Gamers are given the task of sking yes sking with their opponents via the Nintendo Wii..where the winner with the highest points walks a way with some cool prizes..

There were dancers as well to spice up the atmosphere...and there was this band as well..the lead singer looked like Amy Mastura and oh boy she had awesome vocals as well...

Leonard w/ Nath

Nath w/ Fay

camwhore shot

*drum rolls*
The following weekend 7aste Queenstown was held at Ecoba PJ Trade Centre

My Moments at 7aste Queenstown KL

Get ready to be transported into a new world that celebrates coolness.Journey to the land of greatness,where-larger-than-life entertainment and thrilling adventures assume center stages.This is 7aste first winter party with a touch of masquerade twist that's arriving to uplift your senses.

was there pretty early and i meet Jackie and Kah Mun at the registration counter..The lighting made everyone have awesome glow in the dark tone..

Jackie w/Wilee & Kah Mun

The Event like 7aste JB was emceed by non other than
Fay Hokulani - Hitz.FM Hollywood entertaiment news segment announcer with the
Morning Crew...
and she also
Top 100 Most Inspiring Real Women 2011 by Cozycot


Jon doing his thing!

Meet Avelynn there by suprise..nice bumping into you after so long!

Round 2

Finally it was performance time and first up was the Hakka Dance...
it's more of a Kiwi tradition and you see their Rugby team show voting before their matches too

It was then followed by a performance by

Muzika Jazz Project!

By then everyone was getting pumped up and why not take a step further by paying a visit to the Vodka Shot Station

Kim & Jon

As the clock tick closer to 12..DJ Faith was out to make it more electrifying..i remember her from 7aste JB and she's one awesome female DJ..

Smile for the Camera!

A dance Off!

Lastly Presenting you DJ Faith on Deck!

All in all it was an awesome party!! can't wait for next year..wonder where would 7aste be taking
us next year!!

till then
More information on 7aste at Click Here


Isaac Tan said...

looked like an awesome night indeed! XD

Kian Fai said...

oh well, the most unforgettable night for some1 :P

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