7aste Queenstown @Booze JB

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey There Party People!!

7aste makes it first appearance down town Johor Bahru come June 10th at Booze Permas Jaya.
If your not to sure what 7aste is all about...how does partying like a A-list celebrity sound to you??here's a glimpse of what we have in store for you:

Smooth indulgences from the world over brought direct to you by 7aste

7aste is all about the experience, Wine and Dine Queenstown (New Zealand)style. Indulge in some finest alcohol and while your at it, munch on some awesome finger food while you dance to the awesome music being played around by the DJ’s on deck and most importantly have fun like there's tomorrow with the crowd of party people. It's going to be a night of mayhem. A night where for once we would get the chance to experience the party oh party style of the people from Queenstown New Zealand right from Booze Johor Bahru

Get ready to be transported into a new world that celebrates coolness.Journey to the land of greatness,where-larger-than-life entertainment and thrilling adventures assume center stages.This will be 7aste first winter party with a touch of masquerade twist that's arriving to uplift your senses.

I hope that got your attention!! and it's a first in Johor Bahru!! so don't miss it!!
head on to their official website and explore a whole load of fun!! make sure you register yourself for tonight's event!!


Isaac Tan said...

Superb event bro, have fun there!

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