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Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, April 25, 2010

Greetings! :) I obviously do not belong here,neither am I the rightful owner of this domain. I strongly doubt that any of you would know who'd know who I am in; heck lets just see if you can recognize a similar or particular style even if I'm not exactly where I'm supposed to be. To be very honest,I'm not exactly sure if I'm suppose to write more about myself or the author.

Take a seat back now. :)

I've always wondered how would it be like to throw yourself out to be in a place where you're often exposed to chances of being judged for what you write,and most importantly about your personal opinion in things. There was this one point in time when I did feel a tad bit upset about how some of the many things that I've written sort of threw me into this dark corner where people don't quite agree with what you think. Well folks,thats one of the downside of being a blogger. Its all about finding the essence of making you what you are, the person and the individual that you portray to be; and everything else shouldn't really matter. :)

A friend spoke to me the other day,lets name him Tornado wtf.

Tornado is probably one of the few people I know who's so capable of doing it all, having things set out in manners which only an extremely capable & strong individual can pull off what he does. He sees the future in his hands; trust me my vision of future is a far cry from what he sees in his. Something admirable, some larger than dreams itself, that sometimes its too much too handle.

We all have our dreams, some to marry a rich husband and wishing that he dies young to inherit his wealth to travel the world wtf. Some to own an empire so huge that money ends up working for you. Some to be the most famous person earning all the well deserved fame living life in the fast lane. Some wishes to marry his or her perfect other half,have kids, grow old and pluck each other's grey hair on a rocking chair.

There are some,who wishes to just be happy.

Nobody realizes the value of happiness because its something we don't measure; or rather the scale differs according to every individual. Happiness is something that money can't buy, and even if you were to put up with an argument that money can buy happiness; I'd gladly tell you that there's a whole new level to what happiness truly is about.

I've once had it all (not that I've lost it!),whether it is the money that grows on trees, the most expensive bags & apparels, the spending power and frankly, I have it all. Then as the years passed,I'm only twenty-one; that I realize that when you finally have it all at a young age; you realize that all those materiality are merely impermanent happiness. When I got caught in all my desires and apparent dream, I nearly lose myself in it.

Some build their lives through the past; usually end up in circles.
Some build their lives through the present; usually in denial.
Some build their lives through the future; usually end up losing everything important.

So what do you build your live upon?

My humble suggestion, to build your live around all three of them. :|
The past to remind you of how you get to where you are, the present which teaches you the importance of appreciating what you have, and the future to get you all geared up to held your head up high towards your dreams. I'm not exactly the best example,but I'm a living proof that you should never give up in the things that you believe in; even when all else comes falling down on you.

Its all in the phase of growing into what you'll become,and nothing is impossible. I'm pretty dysfunctional in someways,but I'm sure we all are in our own ways. To my dearest friend Tornado, some sacrifices might turn out unnecessary. Its not everyday that you find somebody to love,who loves you in return; the clock does not tick its tock backwards.

Hope I didn't bore you,and I'm honored to be here. :) Not gonna post a back link because this is obviously not gonna be an advertorial opportunity; just given a chance to be babble my thoughts here! And if you've figured out who I am, thanks for noticing.Its not everyday that you get to share your thoughts for the sake of sharing them;and nothing else.
Much love,cheerios.

Ellie & Myself

It's a real pleasure having Ellie write on my small space here..She blogs at's what caught my attention the most after reading her blog for the very first time..Her method of writing able's you to feel the message she's trying to convey simply because it's very descriptive and it also reflects the emotions around it.Thus allowing one to feel the message like as though they were right next to her..Awesomeness!!.& at the moment is under maintenance but do drop by Ellie blogs frequently as she updates pretty often compared to me.. :D

Have an awesome Sunday ahead peeps!! =)


xiaopei said...

Life is just like a wheel. It may be ups it may be downs. One does not remain ups or downs all the time. For sure, each of us would encounter bad times. But he/she can either struggle from floor to upside of the life or give up.
If I’m given 100 points, I would place them all in “Happiness” out of so many categories. With happiness, one can have a good life, health, love, and anything in positive sides. Because when one is happy, he/she tends to think positively :)

I'm actually unsure whether my comment is relevant or not. But just my cents la :D

Aidi-Safuan said...

hi suresh.

where were u in the second picture? the background looks familiar. hurm..

Anonymous said...

Nice Post~!!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jeffro said...

What is true happiness? What is the importance/significance of money?

Only one who has been through those desperate times can truly express those feelings. We all may not agree on this, but the true fact is that money and happiness are side by side. Happiness is only as good as it is with how well one manages his or her money.

Lacking of money, it leads people to desire for things. With that desire, greed appears. With greed, arguments and fights occur. With all that, it affects happiness.

But it's all in different people's opinion =) hahaha sorry, just being random LOL

Anonymous said...

Well done!........................................

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