Wacoal Sensuala Calendar Girl Launch Party

Posted by + Suresh + on Saturday, February 6, 2010

On the 28th of January courtesy of Andrew & Wacoal i had the privilege of attending the Wacoal Sensuala Calendar Girl Launch Party @ Mist Club Bangsar together with a few other bloggers

Mist Club

Even before the event started..we bloggers were trying out a few pose

Wen Pink & Coco

Soon enough Andrew arrived with the invites..thanks a bunch bro!!

Candid pic of the man himself..totally caught unaware..

Me & Coco

As always like previous events as well..the setting inside Mist Club was awesome with energetic party people and not forgetting the bunch of paparazzi's there as well..awesome atmosphere

proudly hosted by Wacoal Malaysia

First up,to get the night underway was a performance by So You Think You Can Dance Season 1 finalist Blackout

Oh Yes...it was hot in there..

Hosted by Mix.FM's Serena C

Launching of Wacoal Sensuala collection by both their Directors

Being at A club..they were 2 pole dancers here as well..something you don't see at most
clubs in KL

Sheer Balancing act

pure flexibility

First from the Calendar Girls(A short introduction on themselves)





Love the lighting



Blackout's 2nd piece on the night

I thought she was the best dancer on the night

Blackout's version of Boom Boom Pow from the Black Eyed Peas









The night got interesting when Serena C announced there were Silver plated Gold coins by Poh Kong up for grabs..and as you already know..girls get attracted to this easily *winks*..Michelle..Wen Pink and Coco tried their luck...they were asked to poll dance..LOL

Wen Pink strutting her stuff..
somehow i lost Coco's and Michelle's photo..lucky you 2...haha

*Undientified guy*Wen Pink,Coco,Michelle & *unknown participant*
damn i'm so mean..Michelle won the best pole dancing moves..LOL

The night then headed towards the end..all in all it was quite good...although most would agree the English spoken by the finalist weren't really good..but conclusion from the night..Beauty Prevails!!!

Natalie & Coco

The 12 Calendar Girls

Congratulations to Wacoal for the launch of their new range of ladies lingerie & to the finalist...well done...=)

Signing Out,


Elaine New said...

im only interested wit the guys wit 6 pecs! OMG!

the gals - make up damn thick! haha.

Elaine New said...

but body is memang chun! =)

YULI said...

oh my. i've never seen like this in person!

+ Suresh + said...

Elaine:Yea 6pacs guys...haha..true the make up was a lil over done for some of them...and i won't deny body memang cun..LOL..have you ever wanted to model??

Yuli:haha never seen like this back Philippines??i thought they are more open compared to here..no??

Spectre said...

lucky u suresh ! anyway what did u did with the*content of goodies bag? arh

nebular said...

Exciting career.....btw thanks for drop by at my blog.

Wen Pink said...

hehehe thanks for all the pics :)

Wen Pink said...

hehehe thanks for all the pics :)

more said...


stephy-nie said...

scary scary costumes XD fish nets stockings!

kenwooi said...

nice pics dude! =)


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