Kristine's 21st Birthday Bash n Vanessa's 16th

Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey peeps...this is my very first post of the year..A New Year has begun and i believe it's gonna be a fruitful year ahead..

Alright the month of January has always been a good month for me...not because it's the first month of the year..but because of the warmest wishes from friends and family i get on my birthday...anyways a few days ago a friend of mine Kristine celebrated her 21st Birthday with a bunch of blogger's and family..known to most as SolitaryRose(Kristine)

she had her birthday bash at a place called Golden Sun Club,Kuchai Lama..

The Birthday Girl and me

The bunch of bloggers consisting of Samuel,Adrienne,Jacquelyn,Samantha,Xiang,Jackie,Amanda and Flora

Me n Sam chow with our gifts from Kristine

Have a blastful year Kristabell

then on the 10th of January it was my small monkey Vanessa 16th Birthday..
dropped by 1Utama to catch up with Nessa and Jason..we walked around here and there.before ending up at a camera shop where were seeing the the generations of DSLR from Canon.

Nessa & Jason

Me n Small monkey Nessa

hey peeps..she my featured blogger of the month as well...wondering why??then you peeps should definitely go and read her blog..for someone so young..her photos are pretty good and they way she blogs certainly attracts readers because of her descriptiveness of her post..Awesome english do pay her a visit..Click Here

pssst: This is not a paid advertorial... :D


Wen Pink said...

i wanna go watch Chipmunks too!! >.< unfair!!! btw, wat gift is tat from Kristine? looks like candle.. candy?

Anonymous said...

Judge not a book by its cover...................................................

EVo said...

yyoooooo!! ok, i clicked the link haha.

YULI said...

aw. i havent watched alvin and the chipmunks yet. i wanna see charice, she's a filipino :D

Elaine New said...

in the 1st pic, i tot the roses was a pattern in the dress! haha.

i haven watched chipmunks yet. but i watched the 1st 1. haha.

kenwooi said...

so happening eh.. haha.. i also havent watched chipmunks.. =)

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