Carlsberg Christmas Promotion

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is just a few days is the time of the year again..where we share those sweet moment of life with the ones we love...

How About adding some spice to this holiday season by winning yourself an invite to a Private Party with The FHM Girl Next Door??not 1,not 2 but 12 FHM Magazine's 2010 top finalist will be there to add spice through out the night..

Now did i get your attention??

You heard it right..Thanks to our friendly friends at Carlsberg,they are giving you the opportunity to party the night out with a bunch of friends at their very own Carlsberg Lounge at their Brewery place with this 12 awesome beauties..

Carlsberg bring you this "Nice One" this coming holiday season by launching a new Facebook Application called the "Carlsberg Christmas Tree"..celebrate this season of giving with your friends on facebook via the Carlsberg Christmas Tree App

Don't cha just love Carlsberg??

The Bar

The Lounge

How to get invited??

1. To be in the running to win yourself an invite to the private party,all you guys have to do is simply become a fan of Carlsberg on Facebook at this link click here

2.Add the application on facebook,decorate your tree by putting on more and more trinkets on the tree with your friends photo on them and you could just be on your way..sounds awesome doesn't it??having your very own Christmas tree decorated with trinkets of your here to add the application..

The more trinkets you have,the more merrier it will be and your Christmas tree will grow taller,giving you a higher chance to be invited for the party

Here's my Carlsberg Christmas Tree:
Simple yet Fun!!

Step 1:

Select a friend that you would like to add to your tree

Pick a photo of your choice

Step 2

Select a trinket of you choice

Step 3

Scale and Rotate the photo to fit in


Place the trinket anywhere on the tree and confirm it

Step 5

Add a festive message for your friend


I found it really interesting building my Christmas tree with trinkets of my friends!!!
so what are you guys waiting for??..Christmas is the season to share..a small thought like this goes a long start building your tree now for you and friends are the essence of life!!!!

There's a huge gift in the form of a private party with the FHM Girl Next Door..i wouldn't miss it..would you??and not to forget it is hosted by Carlsberg themselves and party also includes entertainment,festivities and beverages!!!what more could you ask hurry up and decorate your tree and make it grow bigger!!!!


kruel74 said...

If dont drink how? Can't get invite or I can still ask those of my friends to drink the drinks

Simon Seow said...

Too bad I was in Hong Kong and can't make it to the Carlsberg lounge.

Dragon City said...

how to get invited to Carlsberg lounge?

Nikel Khor said...

i wan too...lenglui there la..

Jack Ng said...

hello suresh ....... just drop by to say hi . Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year =)

` Yi Han said...

Hello there.
Nice blog you've got! :)

ruth tan said...

Blessed Christmas n Blessed New Year lol i see myself

kenwooi said...

haha nice..
it's always fun to attend such events eh? =)

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